1. No caption, but words from my Texas boyhood come to mind, “hock a loogy.”

    (Ancient early 1970s Texas childish slang for particularly large colloidal expectorate).

    And that is a St. Peter’s sized spittoon.

  2. “The latest addition to the Holy Father’s Vomitorium.”

    And how convenient that it is that he doesn’t have to lie down to use it.

    VW = sylint

  3. OCICBW… is user led. If a reader sends something in I try my hardest to post it. To do otherwise would be rude (you’ll need to get your hands on an English, English dictionary to look up the definition of the word “rude” as I don’t think it’s in common usage in the US).

  4. Renz, this just appeared for the first time the other day on the site I nicked it from. Anyway, if it had been seen before we are having fun going at it again!

  5. I myself had gotten no further than the spitoon/vomitorium alternatives when my friend and former student, the novelist Dana Vachon, suggested: “Oh, What’s that, Jesus? You want something to eat?”

  6. Holy hell, I can’t stop them! I’ve got more submissions!

    From Lugh Schoonover:
    In the Vatican Farting Contest, Pope Benedict braces himself for the “Big One”!

    Hey John Paul! Your ashes draggin’!

    Now, which one? The red wire or the blue wire? Decisions, decisions!

    Helloooo! Genie of the lamp!!! Hellooo!!! I want my three wishes! Hellooo!

    After injuring his back, Benedict finally decides that maybe the papal walker IS just a LITTLE too ostentatious!

    Won’t this thing play ANYTHING but Gregorian chants?

    Okay, where’s the handle to flush?!

    Gretchen Hyde:

    Stephen Choquette:
    So this is where we hid all the gold teeth and fillings!

    Lori Beth Williams:
    From my husband, James: Damn! I should’ve used Preperation H!

  7. This will teach me to wave a picture of the Pope in front of my friends. They seem to get a little TOO happy about taking the mickey out of this guy.


  8. My comment was slightly misunderstood – it was already posted here at OCICBW. It was one of the first few “Caption Contests” I participated in.

    Imagine the pot calling the kettle black – look that up in your dictionary.

  9. Ah! Not at OCICBW… but, I am told, at OCICBOV… And I’m not responsible for the filth and depravity or anything else that goes down at that blog.