1. I’m sorry, but I think you have a beautiful voice. You could read the telephone book and I’d be like “oooooooohhhhhhh…….”

    OK that’s my fawning for the week.

  2. I’m having awful trouble getting the energy together to write sermons for the bunch of Judases at my church (or is that Judii?). Your fawning, Tracie, and the fact that at least the OCICBW… crowd read them are the only things that make writing them possible.

  3. MP, you’re sounding much more comfortable with the recording process…. would this be what it would sound like “from the pew”? Have you ever done a Sunday recording? I think it would be interesting to hear… keep up the fine work!

  4. I’m sorry. You still don’t sound like I expected. Would you mind doing something about that?

    (I’m going to think about the church being hijacked by hooolier-than-thou people for at least a few days.)

    Thanks for posting these sermon recordings by the way. I always enjoyed reading them but sermons were always meant to be heard. This adds so much more. And it is another good one. Another very good one.

  5. It’s a really good voice, and a really good, thoughtful and intelligent sermon – thank you.

    I hope the Judases are at least a little bit grateful, and a little bit bloody sorry they are about to lose you.

  6. Most excellent!

    I have come to see Lent as being life in miniature — a journey of learning, changing, growing, celebrating all in the looming shadow of certain end (not just death) which makes new life possible.

  7. Thanks for posting your sermons – I don’t go to church anymore and so I especially appreciate it. And yes, nice accent 🙂

  8. Just in case you are not aware, your “Bog-Standard” stands head and shoulders above many people’s best efforts. It was a wonderful sermon, thank you for the gift.

  9. I still think you should actually start your own church, Jonathan. 🙂

    Oh, and the fawning has to do with the fact that your stalker over there thinks 1: I am hot, and 2: saying “good morning, Jonathan” constitutes flirting.


    Gotta meet my quota for fawning all over you. Don’t worry; I’ll get you a napkin to clean it up when I’m done. 😀

    RE: “being miserable, feeling guilty and not enjoying oneself is the way to please God and get into heaven.”

    Isn’t this why Pope JPII engaged in “taking the discipline” and carried a cat o’nine tails around with him, even on vacation, and routinely flogged himself with it?

  10. Well, Cathy, it’s probably unrealistic to think that they have enough sense to be sorry now that they’re about to lose him.

    They will be sorry, however, when they get the next person and realize what they’ve lost.

  11. Ellie. Even when I still thought I was going to get the job I made sure that if I didn’t then they would get someone who would look after them and who was married to someone who will change them. And my plan worked.

  12. Oh, I don’t like doing it, Ellie. But the rules say I have to and you know what a dyed in the wool traditionalist I am about such things. And I want to go to heaven.