1. Oh that’s wonderful!
    Of course, I’m not sure what Xena Warrior Princess of All Norwalk thought of it – she stood up, listened, then warily lay down and waited.
    But oh that was wonderful!

  2. Good dog!

    I like to say that I was raised in a pack of Norwegian Elkhounds, and though they tended to us kids, mostly in the manner of protecting us from any real, and perceived, harm I can’t say I was ever sung to sleep by them. Mom used the vacuum cleaner for that.

  3. Is that dog a Norwegian Elkhound? He/she is really beautiful.

    Not sure if the dog was singing the baby to sleep or just joining in with the wailing to make a sound in sympathy with the baby “wolf”, but either way it’s sweet.

  4. Oh no, Cathy. That dog is not an Elkhound. Looks like a Malamute to me, and the personality would certainly be Malamute-like (Huskies tend to be more frenetic.). An Elkhound would be off protecting the baby from all threats, or scouring the neighborhood for something to chase.

  5. MP, if you can come up with a new dog breed called a Vegemalute, I will buy one from you, how’s that. It has to be part kangaroo though, is the only condition.

    KJ – thanks – I just looked Elkhounds up – amazingly beautiful dogs too. I do love all of those husky/malamute/sledding/arctic type dogs.

  6. But those Elkhounds are extremely independent WITH intelligence, so I put them in the “get ready to work” category. Malamutes, on the other hand, at least the ones I’ve met are love sponges. My alma mater’s mascot is the husky, but a malamute is used for the job — much prettier, and they know how to work a crowd.

  7. Every dog, in the deepest recesses of her brain, KNOWS that she’s a wolf.

  8. Still can’t quite tell if Yon Canine (Beauty!) is singing “Lullaby, and Good Night…” or “Listen Up, Pack: this one sounds/looks/smells tender & delicious!” ;-D

    [Yes, yes: I’m sure the Pack Leaders are assured its the former…but maybe keep an eye (as well as a vidcam) on the 4-Legged Pack Member’s interactions w/ the youngest 2-Legged Member?]