The Rev Ian Galloway, convener of the Kirk’s Church and Society Council, hit out at the recent “raffle” of a fertility treatment cycle in London, in conjunction with a US-based clinic in Virginia, and said the practice now exists in Scotland. It is currently illegal to sell human eggs in the UK. Donors are only entitled to "reasonable expenses" and loss of earnings up to £250.

Mr Galloway said, “The sale of human eggs favours the commoditisation of human parts – human eggs should not be in a shopping basket on the same level as a grocery item. Just as it is wrong to buy and sell human beings it is wrong to buy and sell human eggs."

The estimated revenue for the assisted reproductive technology industry in the USA alone was calculated at $2 billion US dollars. Mr Galloway concluded: “It is very telling that such level of profits are extracted from human misery.”


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  1. Snickers were always Snickers. Back in the Depression the wealthy Mars family launched a candy named after their favorite horse, Snicker (seriously).

    You all are lucky in one regard: candy bars in the US are sweetened with corn syrup, possibly tied to all sorts of health problems. In the UK you get candy sweetened with regular sugar.

  2. Well, thank you, Cathy. And well done for spotting it was one I was particularly proud of and was waiting for a congrats on it. Normally only Ellie displays such discernment.

  3. I was a bit puzzled that you thought only Ellie says so. I have said before you write excellently clever headlines. Your cartoons are nearly always stonkingly good and great fun (I’m sure I’ve commented before on those too, as have others). The only reason I don’t say so all the time is because it feels a bit ridiculous to go on repeating it, I suppose. Take it as read from now on???

    I laughed out loud for the RC comment and even louder for Dicky’s. It’s very good.

  4. Exactly, Cathy, you are always generous in your praise. Actually I don’t look for praise for the vast majority of my graphics. However, there is a small proportion that if I don’t get praise, I sulk like a petulant teenager. Working out which ones fall into this category is the quickest way to MadPriest’s heart.

  5. Oh dear.

    “MP’s Lament” (w/ apologies to “Fiddler on the Roof”)

    Lord, you made the lion and the lamb.
    You decreed I should be what I am.
    But would it spoil some Vast Eternal Plan
    If I were Giles Fraser or Ed Ba-

    [Seriously, MP: another fine ‘shoppie.]

  6. The reason I used Giles is that he is an archetypical right-on Anglican. Of course, I could have used myself as I also fit into that category, but as very few people know what I look like it wouldn’t have worked so well. So up yours, JCF!

  7. In his byline pics in the papers Giles Fraser looks more like a bouncer than a cleric, but that’s what I like about him.

  8. Of course since we don’t know what you look like we don’t know that you AREN’T Giles Fraser, MP, or at least his evil twin.

  9. So up yours, JCF!

    Lemme see: if I’ve got this correctly translated, this is a compliment, right?

    [Either way, I’m Cheap Not Free: you’ll have to ask Missus MP for an advance on your allowance (Good luck w/ that!)]

    wv: “lentso”. It’s Lent . . . so? It’s not like I promised to give up trading zingers w/ Crazy Arse, did I?

  10. No, that’s not a compliment. Really, sometimes I despair of ever making an English gentleman out of JCF. You can’t even grasp the rules of even simple banter.

  11. Well, good morning, dear people. I’m late getting up this morning because it is, after all, my day off.

    And now I will weigh in with my truly excellent discernment:

    SERIOUSLY great picture-toon. Yup, I laughed out loud. (Particularly at Dawkins!)


    “I am the Antifraser.” Too funny!

  12. I want to know what “I am the Antifraser” means tho. Does it mean, for instance, that MP can shoot flames out of his fingertips? Or killer poisoned darts out of his eyes??? … Or does he have the strength of ten men?? Or a cloak that renders him invisible? What’s the job involve??

  13. If you want to know what I think, Jonathan, (and I’m sure you don’t!), it would be brilliant of you to “come out” with a picture of yourself in a cartoon and not say that it’s you. Of course, I could “out” you at any time, but have no fear: I won’t.

  14. It involves doing exactly the same as the Fraser but not getting paid for it.

    Jonathan, have you tried getting a gig in the media for which you’d get paid? Considering some of drivel (not Giles) that’s published, I believe your writing could be a vast improvement were you a guest columnist.

  15. I don’t have time at the moment. To do that sort of thing you have to be vicar of an important church where other people do all the work. And anyway just keeping up with your emails takes most of my spare time. However, in a couple of months when I am out of a job I will, as I have stated on Chin wag, be exploring such possibilities. You’ll have to give me the email addresses of some of your many acquaintances in the media.

    I await your comment saying “Well if that’s what you think of my emails… etc. etc.” in due course.

  16. I’m sorry, m’dear, but I don’t accept my emails as an excuse. Quite often, you only read my emails (if you do that!) and don’t answer them. I can’t see why that takes up much of your time, since I don’t write pages long emails.

  17. And exactly why I tend to confine my comments here to music selections that I like and prayer requests. I figure that I won’t get an insulting reply in those two safe areas.

  18. “Normally only Ellie displays such discernment.”

    So, all my flattery is for naught. I hate for good flattery to be wasted.