From THE LOCAL (Germany):

Three years after Knut the polar bear become famous around the world, the Berlin Zoo announced on Monday he was grown-up enough to become its “stud” for breeding. Thomas Dörflein, the zookeeper who raised Knut by hand, said before he died in 2008 that he hoped his adopted bear cub would someday become a father. And his chance has now come.

Knut was abandoned by his mother and was hand raised by Dörflein and went on to become a fuzzy star, welcoming some 10 million visitors.

Knut has been sharing a cage with Munich polar bear Gianna, a three-year-old on loan from Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo who was initially intended to be his mate, but she will now return to her home in September. Earlier this month, PETA caused an uproar by calling for Knut to be castrated to avert incest with his distant cousin Gianna.


KNUT TO KEEP NUTS — 4 Comments

  1. Geeze, Louise. What does PETA thinks happens in the wilds without the PETA High Victorian Morals Police being around to keep polar bear cousins from getting it on. Were these bears any closer kin that most of the crowned heads of Europe?

  2. Were these bears any closer kin that most of the crowned heads of Europe?

    No. And to be honest that’s probably why PETA think sex with cousins is a bad idea 🙂

  3. I know someone from Suffolk who says all the stories about Norfolk are true, but I figure someone from Suffolk would say that.

    Knut is a sweetie and was a very cute baby. I look forward to seeing all the Knut juniors.