Jan's essay, "Did Consumerism Ruin The Institutional Church?" posted at A CHURCH FOR STARVING ARTISTS, is very good - well worth a read.

Adrian has posted an essay at PLURALIST SPEAKS with some thoughts about why celibate priests abuse. What I find refreshingly interesting about his piece is that he has moved the debate away from just a discussion about "animal instincts" and brought in the concept that resorting to abuse is a distortion of "love" caused by unrequited love. This fits in with Mimi's and my assertion that we are not necessarily talking about paedophilia but about an "anything will do" psychology. It also explains why female religious sometimes abuse without having to attach a male sexuality to them. Good stuff. Go read!



  1. What Adrian writes is good stuff. I don’t have time to write a proper comment over there now, but I will go back later. I’ve caught flack for what I’ve said, but I’m not convinced that I have it wrong. At least one expert agrees with you, Adrian, and me. He counseled abusive priests for 18 years and says that few studies are available on the causes of child abuse by priests in the RCC. His conclusions come from his years of experience and intuition.