Jen is off work for a while, she is still waiting for a call from the Hospital for surgery on the skull fracture, which is causing brain fluid to leak through her nostrils. Being NHS, it will not be done in the next day or so.


I had a call last week from the DDO regarding a meeting to discuss/discern my vocation towards Ordained Ministry in the Church. I had been in a great hurry for this in the past, but given the recent stuff going on in my life, felt that it was a little to soon, and it is postponed until after Easter. I need to be ready, to feel ready and to feel prepared before I go down that route. I see the period of Lent as that preparation and with a weekly Lent Course, spiritual direction, working in the Parish, and other church related responsibilities, I am having a quite busy time. But the nudge is there - and I am heeding it. God is calling, I am willing and nearly ready to answer.


Posted by Janis at JUANUCHI'S WAY:

I’m in the midst of an existential crisis. I was going to say that I’m not sure what’s brought this on, but I know what the catalyst was. In any event, the last few days I’ve been engaged in some serious depressive introspection.

For 23 years I have spent (my) time doing what Dad told me not to: doing something I don’t like. It is true, I have always been a square peg in a round hole with my career. But I was afraid of failure – failure in what, I don’t know, and I think in the long run, I have (in my estimation) failed. I don’t feel any satisfaction from these years gone. I haven’t done anything noteworthy. I’m exhausted, bankrupt, without goals, and simply don’t care anymore. I don’t crave the limelight, but I would like to think that I have done something in my life that made a difference to someone. I think Dad probably knew I should’ve been in the arts. But now, I’m afraid to introspect to the point of finding what I really want, what I really should do. I’m afraid. And very sad.

Okay you virtual huggers, our friend Janis needs you. Pop over to her place and do what you do so well. And the only advice that she needs to hear is that she must have the courage to follow her dreams, which is probably the only piece of advice we all need. So you could leave a comment along those lines.


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Late this afternoon CB took Cisco to the vet. X-rays showed an odd growth on the bone side of his leg, but the vet was not sure how long that had been there. He gave Cisco a steriod shot, which has made Cisco feel better. Tomorrow the radiologist will look more carefully at the x-ray. Otherwise, the vet said probably Cisco will be running around by Sunday.

UPDATE: Cisco is well on the way to a full recovery and back to being "the worst dog in the world." Check out his latest antics HERE.


I heard today from my sister that our former pastor's wife died from ALS. I hadn't seen them in nearly 20 years but it still bothers me to hear of people I know dying. Her youngest was about the same age as Zach and they used to play together a lot. I'm so sorry for their loss.


Posted by JaneR at ACTS OF HOPE:

Two years ago my parents' dear friend John Olver died. Today John's wife Ruth Olver died. We received news of Ruth's passing from Ruth and John's son this evening. Ruth had been very ill for several years. She had Parkinson's and other ailments, and she had recently turned 92 years old.

Ruth Olver lived a wonderful, long and totally righteous life. Pop over to Jane's place and read her obit. I promise you, it will make you feel good.

Jane finishes the post:

Please remember Ruth Olver and her children and grandchildren in your prayers. Remember also John, who preceded her in death two years ago and who like her worked for the good of humanity. Remember also my parents, who have yet again lost a dear friend of their generation.


Paul has a couple of lengthy "heart threads" up at
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Please go read Caminante's post on the recent assassination attempt on Bishop Martín Barahona (ref: PRAYER REQUEST 18th. March) at VERMONT'S OWN and continue to pray for our friends and all the good people in Central America. Remember, this sort of evil in places like El Salvador, is, to a large part, due to the failure of the US to clear up after the messes they engineer in other people's countries.


Finally, a couple of Thanks be to God, items.
Posted by Father Dougal at DOUGALTHINK:
A very good session with my sponsor reviewing my 1st step - at the end of which he gave me a special coin to mark 1 year sans hooch. It's inscribed with the motto: "To thine own self be true". Good idea. Bloody difficult in the Church though...

And Joe has come out at work. Read his last few posts at
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I'm a fussy, old catholic, but I've never understood why we cover up crucifixes during Passiontide when surely we should be meditating on the crucifixion. If anyone knows a "good" reason for this custom do please let me know what it is.


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  1. Re the veiling of crosses in Passiontide (and by some, for the whole of Lent): my suspicion is that the custom goes back to the time when crosses were generally very ornate and crucifixes tended to be of the “Christus Rex” variety. All “decorations” were opaquely veiled (including crosses and statues of saints), and triptychs (e.g. above the altar) were closed. The increased use of “passion crucifixes” (depicting Christ at the verge of death) in the late middle ages introduced a dissonance into this custom or veiling or otherwise hiding the decorations. In these latter days we have often responded with the use of gauzy purple veils that one can see right through, which proves that No Ancient Custom is Immune to Modern Silliness.

  2. MP, I found this interesting RC explanation:

    and this, from the 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia:

    “The crosses are veiled because Christ during this time no longer walked openly among the people, but hid himself. Hence in the papal chapel the veiling formerly took place at the words of the Gospel: “Jesus autem abscondebat se.” Another reason is added by Durandus, namely that Christ’s divinity was hidden when he arrived at the time of His suffering and death. The images of the saints also are covered because it would seem improper for the servants to appear when the Master himself is hidden.”

    and this, which I found beautiful, from Fr. J. Zuhldorf:

    “We lose things during Lent. We are being pruned through the liturgy. Holy Church experiences liturgical death before the feast of the Resurrection. The Alleluia goes on Septuagesima. Music and flowers go on Ash Wednesday. Today, statues and images are draped in purple. That is why today is sometimes called Repus Sunday, from repositus analogous to absconditus or “hidden”, because this is the day when Crosses and other images in churches are veiled. The universal Church’s Ordo published by the Holy See has an indication that images can be veiled from this Sunday, the 5th of Lent. Traditionally Crosses may be covered until the end of the celebration of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday and images, such as statues may be covered until the beginning of the Easter Vigil. . . .

    “The pruning cuts more deeply as we march into the Triduum. After the Mass on Holy Thursday the Blessed Sacrament is removed from the main altar, which itself is stripped and bells are replaced with wooden noise makers. On Good Friday there isn’t even a Mass. At the beginning of the Vigil we are deprived of light itself! It is as if the Church herself were completely dead with the Lord in His tomb. This liturgical death of the Church reveals how Christ emptied Himself of His glory in order to save us from our sins and to teach us who we are.

    The Church then gloriously springs to life again at the Vigil of Easter. In ancient times, the Vigil was celebrated in the depth of night. In the darkness a single spark would be struck from flint and spread into the flames. The flames spread through the whole Church. “

  3. Thanks, Priscilla. But of course, most of that is heretical gobbledygook. Christ didn’t change until his resurrection. Nor did he hide himself away. And, anyway, why cover the crucified Christ – are they embarrassed by it?

    Bill’s explanation is very good and one I will remember.

  4. Prayers ascending.

    [I hope it’s acceptable that I’m making my “10c” payment in blood (as in a donation of a pint this week to the Red Cross.)]

  5. Prayers for Cheryl, a gifted teacher and loving colleague who went on to her reward this morning.

    We miss her so much.

  6. Please pray for the repose of the souls of Master’s degree candidate Jorge Antonio Mercado Alonso and Doctoral candidate Javier Francisco Arredondo Verdugo. They were students with promising futures who inadvertently stumbled into the crossfire of a gun battle between troops of the Mexican Army and local drug dealing gangbangers on our local streets as they left the campus of El Tec de Monterrey for supper.

  7. My understanding has always been the earlier explanation – that the object was to conceal ornate staues and “reigning” crucifixes.
    Doesn’t it also emphhaize the brinigng in of the cross for veneration on Good Friday?
    But I think that I’ve made that up.

  8. It’s there now! We American’s tend to be as impatient as we are impertinent you know…

    Just ask the Mad Hatter of Kent.