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My wrestling with theology grows no easier with time. i am hoping that my faith is in one of the boxes that i have yet to unpack from seminary, however i suspect that it was lost in the move. So what now? I have a hope, that somehow my doubts will crush me, compound me, that what will be left is a lack of logic or a crystal of truth. I long for that moment when all questions fall away and all doubts evaporated under a sun that radiates life giving energy. I am currently living between metaphors. I want to scream as did the writter of eclesatics, it is all meaningless! Its all blowing in the wind! None of it matters. Yet i need work - and time. I would like to sleep a while.



I got a bill yesterday from the rhematologist's office for the full amount of the bill, the insurance company declining to pay because I don't appear to be insured by them. sigh I don't know why everything has to be such an uphill battle getting them to pay out every single one of my bills.


From JIMB:

Sad news. Sam, our unofficial parish pooch and Rev. Terri's loved dog has crossed the rainbow bridge. He was a great dog, and we will miss him. Thanks to all who had prayed with me for his healing and celebrated what turned out to be a remission not a cure.


Posted by Father Kenny at RECTOR'S RAMBLINGS:

Today is dad's "Assessment Day", and there is a big meeting in the Care Home to decide on his future. Whether he is allowed to stay on or not is up for grabs, and I don't know where he will go if today doesn't work out. So, I'm hoping he's in good form today, and a wee bit of Divine Providence too!


Finally, a couple of tentative PTL situations. Both, Penolan at MENOPAUSAL STONERS and Jaliya at A POST-CYNICAL SEER indicate on their blogs the possibility of new friendships (possibly romance, at least in Penolan's case).



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  1. A prayer update: My brother Steve is maintaining – he goes day to day, or, as he says, “second to second”. This Saturday, tomorrow, he’s going to see a “rescue” greyhound, just fresh from the racetracks. If he and the dog agree to the adoption, the dog will be fostered out for two weeks or so to someone who is versed in sort of de-programming the racetrack stuff. It is a sign of hope that Steve is considering another dog, after the death of Utah the Wonderful last year. Thank you all for your prayers.

  2. Urgent prayer request: Please pray for Delsy whose 16 year old son committed suicide a few weeks ago. Also for the whole family. As I write, we are trying to find a time that the whole family can gather for me to go over and bless the house and clear out any remaining negative presence/energy that may be oppressing these devastated, grieving people. Some members of the extended family are rather superstitious and have said some truly horrible things to this poor mother. Pray for me that I’m able to minister to them effectively.

  3. I just got a call from a friend whose granddaughter, Taylor, is being sent to Children’s Hospital with suspected thrombocytopenic purpura hemolytic anemia. She is an energetic three year old who suddenly begin bruising easily on her arms and legs, no other symptoms. She is the youngest of three girls and the only one who was not born with cardio-vascular abnormalities. This has been tough for the family. Please pray for Taylor and her family.

  4. Oh, prayers ascending! So much need. 🙁 [But also TBTGs for the thankful, too!]

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