From THE MIRROR: is looking to sponsor a marriage and is offering £5,000.

In return the bride will have the company logo on her dress, with the couple required to pose for publicity shots. They will also have to agree to the logo appearing on all invitations, table settings and menus. Company spokesman Rob Hutchison said "We're hoping to give one lucky bride the wedding she's always dreamed of.

But the Church of England condemned the idea and said: "It might not be the best way to start a permanent relationship."

COMMENT: What?!! We should be looking to get a slice of the sponsorship.

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  1. Five thousand pounds would not be nearly enough to put on a nice wedding. Good grief! Do they think we have no standards?

  2. This is England, Mary Clara. And bingo players are not usually from the well to do classes. £5000 will pay for a perfectly fine working class wedding and a trip to somewhere warm for the honeymoon.

  3. I see my own business opportunity… I’ll make the content for the marriage sponsorship posters (dunno who did the Rowan Williams – I have 25 drawn versions of him now and 4 of Wright, the others much fatter than that version).

  4. “We’re hoping to give one lucky bride the wedding she’s always dreamed of.”

    Assuming the “lucky bride” has always dreamed of company logos on her gown and table settings.