"As we report today, the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury has said it regrets the election of Canon Mary Glasspool as a bishop in Los Angeles. If only all elections were as straightforward as this one."
(Our Ruth,

Go read. She's well on form today.

Oh, and this is what Ruth is referring to. But, come on, does anybody actually care anymore?


The Archbishop of Canterbury's office today described the election of an openly lesbian bishop in the United States as "regrettable" and warned that it could further threaten the unity of the Anglican Communion.

The London office of Dr Rowan Williams responded to the election of Canon Mary Glasspool to a suffragan see in Los Angeles by warning of "important implications". The statement from Lambeth Palace said that further consultations will now take place and regretted that calls for "restraint" had not been heeded.



  1. AWESOME photoshop, Jonathan


    :wind blows through hair:

  2. ok nobody is listening but I still cannot EFFING BELIEVE that having said NOTHING publicly about the Ugandan shenanigans for so long he would be so EFFING OUTRAGEOUSLY STUPID as to say the election of Mary Glasspool is “regrettable”.

    Eff off. Sorry.

  3. And never mind that one of the primates of the Anglican Communion was nearly murdered last night. No, what matters is keeping those damn queers out of the episcopacy.

  4. Watch it, Mad One. Your portrayal of the Luke 4:18 Express is cause for a big, ol’ sloppy Internet hug Mwah!

    The statements from the ABC would seem to be based upon the premise that +Glasspool was elected solely to irritate the AC as opposed to being the result of a careful, spirit-led process that had the people of God seeking discernment (Any satisfaction that comes from the choice is merely coincidental, convenient, and forgivable carnality.).

    Meanwhile, Stephen and Tiwonge linger in a Malawi prison, waiting trial for holding an engagement party, and while the church remains silent and refuses to step in harm’s way, it is left to Amnesty International to proclaim and defend them as prisoners of conscience.

    Again, some times it is just too much.



  5. Where is the ABC’s reaction to the Uganda mess?! Or better yet, who has him on a leash that he can respond in kind to the enormous amount of hate that is attached to Uganda’s action concerning our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters?!

  6. He was preoccupied by preparing his pastoral invitation to all distressed Roman Catholics to join up to a nongeographical diocese with a Roman rite–not taking advantage of the Roman Catholic crisis, but simply offering ecumenical movement forward….The Holy Spirit is having quite a Lent!


  7. It is difficult to believe that anyone still gives a flying f*** what +Cantuar thinks about anything. He has resolutely worked his way into irrelevance. If TEC had not exercised restraint this would have happened years ago.

  8. In the Episcopal Church, headquartered in the very first FORMER British Colony, now known as the United States of America, the opinions of Foreign Prelates, while interesting, and perhaps actually important to some, have No Weight, and No Force of Law.

    Except for those of us brought over in chains from Africa, most, if not all of us are here because we, or our forbears, did not like it over there and came here to get away from those things we (or they) did not like.

    To most Episcopalians, the opprobrium of the AB of C (or the Pope, or any other Foreign Prelate) is of no matter. For those for whom it does matter, they have other places they have been more than happy to go to. God bless them as they go join all the others who would rather be comfortable than truly righteous.

  9. One of the things that amuses/slightly-annoys me is how the British press (in this case, the Ecclesia site, which should know better) talks about Canon Mary Glasspool being “appointed” Suffragan Bishop of Los Angeles. Canon Glasspool was not APPOINTED, she was ELECTED by the clergy and representative lay people of the Diocese of Los Angeles, and her election has now been confirmed by a majority of TEC diocesan bishops and diocesan standing committees (clergy and lay). Where do you suppose +Rowan got the idea that this is any of his business?

    If perhaps +Rowan hears the Holy Spirit, throws up his hands, and cries, “Oh, the hell with this crap, I’m going back to Oxford!” then perhaps TEC should start a big noisy campaign with the English whoevers (obviously not the Clergy and People of the Church of England), leading finally up to the Prime Minister and HM the Queen, to “exercise restraint” in the appointment (sic) of the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

    Of course, TEC might then be told to mind our own business. To which we might respond, “Aha! Are you finally beginning to get it?”