I understand this is a parody. I wouldn't know because I've
never listened to a Lady Gaga record in my life. But it's
good to see young Megan having some fun after the long,
shit awful childhood she must have suffered. And let's face
it, she's probably right. If I don't like this contemporary
R&B stuff and hip hop then obviously God doesn't like it
either. So, I'm with the Phelps babe - GOD HATES RAP.



  1. I like Megan’s matching sunglasses and the cerberus-head effect in the video, but won’t she be going to hell as a result of that dancing?

  2. “She’s old! No one listens to her songs anymore.”

    So says one of the Moabites when I asked her. (I wonder what she would make of Madonna?)

    There’s a thought: Does God hate Madonna?

  3. If god love Madonna, her films wouldn’t be crap.

    I’m confused. Like you, Mad One, and as she has quickly become a gay diva I’m likely in danger of losing my gay card, I’ve never heard a Lady Gaga song. Yet, the Phelps Clan apparently spends so much time studying her god-hated work , they can do a send up of it. Someone has done their research on how the demon of homosexuality is caught and they can draw pictures of it. So, the Clan spends a whole lot of time thinking about the things that god apparently hates.

    I’m beginning to suspect that god hates the Phelps Clan, but OCICBW…

  4. I watched a documentary in which the presenter, Louis Theroux, shacked up with the Phelps clan for a few days. I have pretty good discernment and I truly believe that young Megan would love nothing better than to be rescued, de-programmed and shown where the boys and the loud music are.

  5. The Phelpses do seem to have a lot of time on their hands to do this sort of stuff and to go round hassling innocent mourners at funerals with their bad stick figure drawings. Given that the mother Shirley is, a lawyer, is it? Does she have no actual work to do?

    They are annoyingly good at generating publicity for themselves and their “causes”.

  6. “Of course, all lawyers are going to hell – that’s where all the work is.”

    Oh that is TOO funny. Can I steal it?


  7. The Phelps clan is great publicity, not for themselves, but for Lady Gaga. Now, a whole lot of old duffers will be looking up her music videos on YouTube to see what all the fuss is about.
    Pissing off the Phelps clan is about as much sport as dynamiting fish. They make it too easy. They hate life, theirs and everyone else’s.

    Michael is a huge Lady Gaga fan.

    He would agree with MP about where lawyers find their work.

    WV = “slatint” Didn’t Bette Davis play one of those in a movie?

  8. I was at the LGBT rights March in Washington last year where Lady Gaga spoke. I confess having to look her up because, being of a more mature age, I had not heard of her. I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike many of today’s divas, she can actually sing. She also speaks out and works for LGBT rights, unlike the other one mentioned above, who seems to have forgotten who bought her albums.
    I can understand why the Phelps Klan have decided to add her to their ever-expanding list.

  9. Oh, thank you very much, Ueber-G. Now I’ve got to be nice about a young person when I was perfectly happy hating her and everything she stands for.