Poor Australia. First they had to put up with Benny and his boring, young nerd convention rolling up and scaring the sheep. Now, they are have having to play host to an even bigger sheep scarer, the puritanical fundi-atheist, Mister Dicky Dorkins.

The creation of saints is "pure Monty Python" and the Family First senator Steve Fielding is more stupid than an earthworm, says the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins.

"The whole idea of creating saints is pure Monty Python,'' he said. ''Why do they have to clock up two miracles? These are people we are supposed to take seriously."

Dr Dawkins said he was often criticised for attacking easy targets such as Christian fundamentalists instead of serious theologians such as "Pope Nazi."

Catholic theologians "believe in miracles and get doctors to provide testimony that someone got cured from cancer. It's just surreal and completely gives the lie to the claim that sophisticated theologians should look down on fundamentalist wingnuts. They are all the same," he said.



  1. Good googly-moogly that “Uncle Dick” agit-prop ‘shop is inspired, MP. [Seriously, have you thought about a career in computer graphics? At least till a better calling comes along?]

  2. I am afraid to say I agree with him on this one. I strongly believe Saints should be recognised on the basis of their life not any possible miracle cures. It took 100 years to declare Mary Mackillop a saint, a woman who stood up to the church hierarchy of the time, yet they are considering JP2 a few years after his death. No wonder people mock. And I would prefer an earthworm to Steve Fielding any day. He is a sitting target for people like Dawkins.

  3. Oh, I agree as well, Brian. But, as an atheist, it is none of his business. He should also be careful. One day, in the relatively near future, our current crop of evolutionary biologists are going to look incredibly stupid themselves. At least our mad theologians display certain creative flair. Most mad scientists are as an imaginative as house bricks which is the reason why science is so much in the doldrums at the moment. They are as dogmatic as Rome and this has led to the almost complete stifling of new ideas.

  4. Agree with everything here except the very minor point that I doubt the sheep were too scared by either Dicky Dawkins or the Benny show. After centuries of being chased by the Australian male they’re used to alarming sights and just take it in their stride.

  5. Cathy,

    Are you trying to tell us that Australia is a land “where men are Men, and sheep are scared” ? 😉

    (something I’ve heard said about certain small towns in the Scottish Highlands and West Texas as well)

  6. I think you may be getting the Scots and the Welsh mixed up on this one, David. The Scots are far more into killing things than sex whilst the Welsh have long been renown for their inclusive attitude toward all God’s creatures.

  7. David, MP is right, and I would add that not only is Australia also a famously egalitarian place but the men there are renowned for their high standards of health and fitness, which they achieve by pursuing the nearest merino or kangaroo, whichever is closer, up and down dale until both have had enough and everyone goes home tired but happy.

  8. Ah! So the slang “to jump” comes from Australia

    Yes, right again I think, MP, but to be certain you will have to ask one of the kangaroos. Boaz might catch one for you if you ask him nicely.

  9. I’m not afraid that I do agree with Richard Dawkins. Come on, can’t we say that what will promote J. H. Newman is that his grave was empty, which surely is the big miracle? But somehow we don’t believe that.