Germany's sex abuse scandal has now reached Pope Benedict XVI: His former archdiocese disclosed that while he was archbishop a suspected pedophile priest was transferred to a job where he later abused children. The pontiff is also under increasing fire for a 2001 Vatican document he later penned instructing bishops to keep such cases secret.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, issued a statement late Friday noting that the Munich vicar-general who approved the priest's transfer had taken "full responsibility" for the decision, seeking to remove any question about the pontiff's potential responsibility as archbishop at the time.

Victims' advocates weren't persuaded.


HOME TO ROOST — 4 Comments

  1. Ohhh… I get it! Now the Pope wants us to believe he’s like Sgt. Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes: “I know nothing! I know nothing!”

  2. I so hope Stephen Colbert runs w/ this, ala “I know he’s infallible ‘n’ all {bless his heart}, BUT…”

    How many pedophile staws* does it take, to break the Vatican’s back?

    [*NB: I know that each and EVERY case of clergy sexual abuse is NOTHING lightweight like a “straw”, BTW.]

  3. I can’t believe that this whole organisation won’t eventually implode. Sexual abuse scandals growing by the day, pulling out of the adoption business because of equality laws, pulling out of providing healthcare for straight people so they don’t have to provide it for the odd gay… I mean, how long can this actually last before people will finally see its true colours and recoil in horror?