From WBZ38:

Protesters in Boston called for a government investigation

of clergy sex abuse claims nationwide, saying revelations

concerning the Pope show the Catholic church will never
reform itself. About 30 people held vigil Saturday in
downtown Boston, one of several cities nationwide where
protesters expressed solidarity with European abuse victims.

The vigil came a day after the former archdiocese of Pope

Benedict XVI disclosed that while he was archbishop, it
transferred a suspected pedophile priest to a job where he
later abused children.

Anne Barrett Doyle of BishopAccountability.org said the

story showed the church is "rotten from the top down."

Doyle said protesters tried to deliver a letter requesting
help to U.S. Sen. Scott Brown's office, but a building guard
turned them away.


HOME TO ROOST II — 9 Comments

  1. I doubt that 30 protestors will make much difference unless they are able to buy their way to justice. It is said that our Congress is for sale so who knows.

  2. We bow to your genius in the photoShop, Mad One. I wonder if the Vatican Crew find this Swiss Guardsman a tad distracting.

  3. Um, is the Pope Popoid, susan s.?

    I’m guessing that if YOU had the power to choose beautiful young men to look at all day, you’d do so.

    Well, B16 HAS that power, and…