1. If I or any journo I know had written that headline we would have been greeted with hoots of unmerciful laughter from the rest of the newsroom and sent to stand in the corner. Quite why that didn’t happen here I’m not sure.

  2. Curry writes a column that runs in historically African-American newspapers, including the one in St. Louis. His style is hacktacular, but he can have the occasional worthwhile article. This one is an example, despite the title.

    The article describes an African Methodist Episcopal church-run mentorship program for AA at-risk boys 6 to 21, with activities, school help, and general encouragement. Currently, the St. Louis public school system has a high school graduation rate of ~50%. In the poor and effectively segregated black neighborhoods, doing well in school is regarded by a large percentage of male teens as being wussy* (more so than in middle class black and white neighborhoods). St. Paul’s AME is doing a mitzvah for its neighborhood and the city of St. Louis.

    * Americans in general tend to equate academic achievement with not being a “manly man”, and this attitude has been around for at least 100 years.

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