Yesterday's ANFSCD solicited quite a few comments from you all which covered a range of reactions. But the most extreme reaction must be from Father Eduardo's cat:

I show to my cat "JET" the duetto Buffo and you can see his reaction. It's a real picture taken yesterday night!

Originally posted at Father E's PICASA page.


CAT’S DUET UPDATE — 4 Comments

  1. I played it for skittle’s cat Marmalade today (I later learned that she played it for him yesterday, too).

    At the beginning, w/ his back turned towards me—nothing new there ;-/—I noticed his ears rotated towards the source of the sound (I can’t dignify it as “music”! :-X).

    As the second “cat” came in (skittles thinks it was a Real Feline; I’m not so sure), his head popped up, ala “Who is invading MY Sovereign Domain!?”

    Teh Kittehs iz Silleh. But not as much as that “song”! }-X

    [Buenas Noches, Padre Eduardo!]

  2. this is the first time Xena Warrior Dog Princess of all Norwalk has heard this – lying on her dog bed on the floor, she lifted her head, stared dubiously at the computer for several bars, then threw her head back down on the bed. (This too shall pass, she implied. Sorry she doesn’t share my appreciation of this excellent piece!)