Today I'm adding something new at the end of The Prayer List. I'm calling it MY TEN CENTS WORTH. It is voluntary and choosing not to take part in no way effects the efficacy of your prayers. And it's very simple. When you have lit your virtual candle put just 10 cents or 10 pence (or 10 whatever) physically into a container and then click below to say you have done so. Then, when you feel inclined, give the money that has accumulated to the charity or good cause of your own choice. I will regularly post an update on how much the community has raised. I have no way of knowing who has paid for their virtual candle and who hasn't and, honestly, I don't care. This is simply something for those of us who are into this sort of thing.


Mark at ENOUGH ABOUT ME: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY suffers from chronic depression and this means that sometimes his problems appear bigger to him than they actually are. But he is currently facing financial problems in his life that are very much real and that would make anybody feel down. Please pray for Mark, especially his peace of mind, and if you are able to freely offer him sound and practical advice as to how he should deal with his financial problems, pop over to his blog, read about his predicament and do so. Mark is American so you will need to have knowledge of that country's way of doing things.


It has been a whole year now since our friend, Bosco, of New Zealand's, influential LITURGY blog, lost his daughter, Catherine, following a tragic accident. Alcibiades has a post marking this sad anniversary at his CALIBAN'S DREAM blog. Please pray for Catherine's family and friends.


From KJ:

Prayers for jake The Wiener are requested. He's off to the doc, hopefully (today) for some kind of cyst on his left, front paw, making walking very difficult. He stops, looks at me, and actually twirls his paw -- It's too sad. My partner handles any Jake distress very, very poorly (I think that's a veiled request for me.).



My good friend James and his wife Claire are having a rough time. Their young daughter Molly is in hospital and they are rather fraught, with two younger children to care for too. Prayers for healing and wholeness for Molly and for James and Claire to feel the calm and peace of God. Thanks, Jack.


From david virtue's bountiful bosom:

For a colleague and dear friend in the hospital, whose lung cancer has recurred. She will have to spend what time is left on a ventilator. Things do not look good.



I ask your prayers for my friend Diane, no serious injuries but pain from being in the middle of a 3-car accident; and for Mark in his many health struggles, and Jay who still has no diagnosis but is in pain; for the healing of Bruce's foot; healing for Jack; guidance for Tony+ and all the folks at Our Saviour.


From Gpa Don:

I ask prayers for my dear friend Tom who will undergo removal of his colon Tuesday (yesterday), and has been told to get his things in order, and for my dear son Charles who will be admitted to Mayo Clinic that same day. God keep them both in his loving arms.


THE PRAYER LIST — 10 Comments

  1. Okay! I got out of my bed (where I was propped up with my laptop having my tea), went into the kitchen, got a little custard dish out of a cupboard and a dime out of my purse, then put the dish with the ten cents on my dresser. I also went into my little oratory, lit a REAL candle, plopped my bottom down on the meditation cushion and said some prayers. (Tara, my sweet chocolate lab came in and prayed with me.)

    Everything has been done PROPERLY!

    Now it’s time to force my poor body into the shower and get to the Center!

  2. Here, nothing has been done properly, I’m afraid. Prayers were said at the computer, the 10p were earmarked for the box but have yet to find their way there.
    I hope God won’t mind!

    LOVE this idea of paying for candles!

  3. The wiener survived the trip to the vet, with a follow-up appointment on Friday to drain the cyst. Surgical removal is a challenge, given its location on the paw.

    Thanks for the prayers!

  4. Very pleased to hear about the wiener. Ten p duly donated into the ramekin. I can’t use that ramekin to serve chocolate mousse when my friends are round now, you realise. Prayers for all.

  5. I look at beautiful Catherine, and think of that line (poem? Scripture? Drawing a blank):

    They shall not grow old…

    Always young. Always beautiful. Always praying for us, who remain in exile…

    Prayers ascending for all in need.