From Dr Primrose:


The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Los Angeles has received the necessary majority of Standing Committee consents to the December 2009 elections of the Rev. Canon Diane Jardine Bruce and the Rev. Canon Mary Douglas Glasspool as bishops suffragan to serve the six-county Los Angeles diocese.

The Los Angeles Standing Committee reported March 10 that within the last 64 days it has received 61 consents needed to the election of Glasspool, and 78 consents to the election of Bruce. In each election a majority of 56 consents was needed from the counterpart Standing Committees of the 110 dioceses of the Episcopal Church.

The consent process to Glasspool’s election is not complete until the Presiding Bishop’s Office in New York confirms that it has received the necessary majority of consents from bishops with jurisdiction in the dioceses of the Church. Meanwhile, the Presiding Bishop’s Office has notified the Los Angeles Standing Committee that 58 of the 61 Standing Committee consents received have been verified to date.


LESBIANS RULE OK — 12 Comments

  1. I hope that the bishops meeting next week will take note that a majority of the SC of TEC have voted affirmatively and will do so likewise.

  2. Amen. God has blessed us with an absolute wit in this lady. May volunteering and charity increase tenfold with her guidance!

  3. One of the more interesting approvals came from the Diocese of Texas, historically not a gay-friendly diocese, though not crazy like Ft. Worth or perhaps Dallas. The bishop there voted “no” but the standing committe voted “yes” according to a diocesan press release — Bishop and Standing Committee Differ on Glasspool Vote:


    “I’ve been clear I would not consent to the election of the Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool as bishop suffragan in the Diocese of Los Angeles,” said Bishop Andy Doyle, March 5, 2010, “although I was challenged by a number of people who encouraged me to simply abstain from voting at all.”

    The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Texas voted February 11, 2010, to approve the election, highlighting the diversity of opinion within the diocese over consecrating homosexual clergy in committed relationships. Glasspool, a lesbian in a partnered relationship for 22 years, was elected suffragan on December 5. The Diocese of Los Angeles reported March 3 that Glasspool has received 55 of the needed 56 to her election. The consent process concludes May 5.

    “We voted on the side of justice” said Sandra Kelley, a member of the Standing Committee who was elected president following the conclusion of Council on February 13. Kelley said she believed Glasspool was qualified and that the Canons had been followed. “I felt any dissent to her election was only based on her sexuality and we’ve been discussing that in this diocese for 30 years,” she said.

    Kelley said the Standing Committee discussed the consents via e-mail but voted during a several hour meeting in Killeen before the 161st Council. “It was one of seven other bishops [for whom] we gave consent,” she said. Barbara Williams cast the one dissenting vote. The Standing Committee’s vote testifies to a person’s suitability for office and whether or not there is an impediment to their suitability, Williams explained in an email to the editor. “I do believe there is an impediment in the fact that [Mary Glasspool] is in a lesbian relationship,” she added.


    For this diocese to vote this way is a big thing. I can’t imagine that this would have happened 10 or even 5 years ago.

  4. Dr.Primrose, Trust me, no “perhaps” about it – the Dio. of Dallas is just as crazy as the former Dio. of Fort Worth 😛 They’re just slightly more low-key than ol’ Jack Leo Iker…

  5. David, preach it, brother! This diocese is nuts enough that the bride has no chance to use the MTS she will soon receive from Perkins School of Theology. When my vestry term is over, we plan to saddle up and ride over to Ft Worth, which is now the Promised Land. Soon, my son, all that I have on the vestry will be yours – heh, heh, heh…. WV = phandl, as in the Hallebalujah Chorus from Phandl’s Messiah…..

  6. “Soon, my son, all that I have on the vestry will be yours – heh, heh, heh….”

    Don’t let Strangelove’s “kindly retired gentleman” persona fool you. Dude is obviously full of age & treachery ;->