1. mannnnnnn…if I had only known that she was the cause of it all – my esteem of her would have been off the charts. As it is I can only rise to my feet and cheer in admiration. JB I didn’t know you as you really are.

    Thanks to Mike and MP for telling the truth.

    Keep your powder dry.

  2. Hey, that’s Rob Bogue! [Ex-“Mallet” from sadly resting-in-peace US Soap Opera Guiding Light, from whence cometh “Otalia”, that Yours Truly was raving about (e.g., “Of Course I Could Be on Vacation”) a year ago]

  3. Well, it shouldn’t, Lois. And there should be a pause button on the bottom, left hand side of the video. There is on mine. Goodness knows what’s happening on your computer.

  4. Well, drat, not to mention that the June Butler gag isn’t there. I know about the pause button – it’s not there. I wonder how long this will go on. It’s only on my Mac. I don’t even get the video at all on my pc. Clearly Le Bebe en Pleurant has begun his counter-attack.

  5. hah – I did the right click thing, got a drop-down, selected to turn off “play” and voila. It stopped. So I’m the one with demons, but I figured out how to control them. For now.


  6. AT LAST – THE TRUTH CAN BE TOLD. The video is not the work of Mike G. The work of the devil? The video certainly seems to play havoc with the computers of certain of your visitors, Jonathan.

  7. Mike G is responsible for its creation.
    I expect the havoc is being created by a certain enemy of the state who is trying to stop the truth being told.

  8. “Pinko Commie Leftycrat” smacks of the style of someone I know, but I can’t think who it is. It’ll come to me. Whoever doesn’t know how to spell Thibodaux, but it’s a difficult name, being French and all.

  9. I get nothing but a big empty square on my computer at that spot. Has it been taken down? Has it self-destructed? Do I need the magic incantation? Please advise.

  10. I mean I can hardly be deported from somewhere I ain’t.

    Keep telling yourself that. The previous Statesonian administration was known to kidnap folks from other countries and send them to 3rd party countries. It is called extraordinary rendition. They count on us all feeling safe in our own countries, then when we least expect it…

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