THE PRAYER LIST — 15 Comments

  1. Please pray for my grandson, Joshua, who has the flu and other problems, not of a medical nature, and for Rosemary, the dear lady who cleans my house, who was in a car accident. She seems not to be seriously injured, but is sore and in a lot of pain.

    Prayers for Irene and any others who need prayers.

  2. I ask again for your prayers for my 14 year old niece, Gabrielle, who came home from the hospital yesterday after having MERSA and getting skin grafts on her arm. But then after about six hours at home, she started to develop a rash and blistering on her skin which was very similar to what she had on her arm. So she went back to the hospital last night. The doctors are thinking that she is having an allergic reaction or is having some sort of immuno reaction. They are running a battery of tests to try to find out what is happening.

  3. I ask prayers for my cousin/sister who lost her husband well before their retirement and is so lost. Blessings.

  4. Prayers for all the folks listed above. Birthday blessings to Mrs MP! (You’re a saint.)

    I ask your prayers for my friend Diane, no serious injuries but pain from being in the middle of a 3-car accident; and for Mark in his many health struggles, and Jay who still has no diagnosis but is in pain; for the healing of Bruce’s foot; healing for Jack; guidance for Tony+ and all the folks at Our Saviour.

  5. I ask prayers for my dear friend Tom who will undergo removal of his colon Tuesday,and has been told to get his things in order, and for my dear son Charles who will be admitted to Mayo Clinic that same day. God keep them both in his loving arms.
    Gpa Don

  6. Happy to hear that you and Mrs. MP did her birthday up right and a fine time was had by all.
    Prayers for all of the above.

  7. For a colleague and dear friend in the hospital, whose lung cancer has recurred. She will have to spend what time is left on a ventilator. Things do not look good.