The most commonly employed literary references used by both the commenters and myself at OCICBW... do not allude to the Bible or to the Shakespearean opus, but to the complete works of Monty Python. I think that says a lot about the demographic of this neighbourhood.



  1. Are you suggesting the revelation of St. John the Devine is not the source for all logic regarding the carrying capacity of English Swallows? I see why some on SF think you a heretic!


  2. What a neighbourhood it is… an Anarcho-Syndicated Commune if I’m not mistaken

    Apparently I am King – the verification word is “ismsored”

  3. I’m going to report you to the People’s Front of Judea! (Or was it the Judean People’s Front?)

    Eh. I more often cite Xena

  4. Bring out the Holy Hand Granade of Antioch!

    O Lord, bless this thy hand granade that, with it, thou mayest blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy…
    Four thou shalt not count, neither shalt thou count to two except that thou proceed to three…
    Five is right out.

  5. Ah, there he goes, the Mad Priest. Must have let himself down a bit on the hobbies. Golf’s not very popular around here.

  6. “Hello mum! Hello dad! There’s a dead bishop on the landing!”
    “Call the police!”
    “Can you call the Church?”
    “How ’bout the Church Police?”
    “Alright, THE CHURCH POLICE!!”
    “What’s all this then? Amen”
    “There’s another dead bishop on the landing vicar sargent!”
    “Uh, that’s detective parson, madame.”
    “Right! Suffragan or Diocesan?”
    “How should I know!”
    “It’s tatooed on the back of their necks.”
    “He looked a bit Bath and Wellsish to me.”
    “I’ll go take a look.”
    “I don’t know who keeps bringin’ em in here. I’ve got three down by the bin and the dustman won’t touch ’em!”
    “Leicester! tatooed on the back of his neck”
    “Alright, we should all kneel in prayer!”
    “O Lord, we beseech thee, tell us who croaked Leicester.”

    A favorite of mine, especially lately.

  7. “Oh Lord please don’t burn us don’t kill or toast your flock Don’t put us on the barbecue or simmer us in stock, Don’t bake or baste or boil us or stir-fry us in a wok”

    The prayers! They speak the truth of the masses in plain English.