Around 2am Wednesday, March 3rd, California State Senator, Roy Ashburn (R-Bakersfield) was pulled over in his state-issued black Chevy Tahoe. There was an unidentified man travelling with the senator. Sources say the senator had just left the gay nightclub, Faces, when police noticed the car swerving dangerously and pulled him over.

He was arrested without incident and charged with two misdemenors: driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or higher. The unidentified man in the vehicle with Senator Ashburn was not detained. Senator Ashburn was released from the Sacramento County Jail on a $1,400 bond.

Roy Ashburn, who is the divorced father of four daughters, ran on a family-values platform and had voted against a bill to recognise out-of-state same sex marraiges, hosted a Traditional Values Coalition rally in Bakersfield, and received a perfect score of 100% on the Capitol Resource Family Impact scorecard for never voting yes to any equality legislation, ever.

COMMENT: OCICBW... is absolutely certain that this was a courageous research project carried out by Mr Ashburn to discover the full extent of teh gay agenda and its evil plan to kill all the little children. There is no way a US senator would blatantly lie about his sexuality just to get elected. That some people could even think such a thing is proof of just how extensively liberals and commies have brainwashed the God fearing, good people of America in their vile attempt to persuade them to be comfortable and honest about who they really are.

Thanks to Jim for sending this report in to MadPriest Towers.



  1. amazing how many family values folks find themselves in this setting! hypocrites. by the way he’s a state senator…

  2. This sort of thing seems to happen so often with the “family values” promoters that it’s almost stopped being newsworthy.

    Except for the irony value, of course ;-> Mmmmm…schadenfreude.

  3. Fecking hell!!! I write US senator because the Mexican keeps whinging on about not calling them American and somebody still complains!!!

  4. MP, in one sense the fact that he is a State senator has its amusing irony. He “represents” Bakersfield, the seat of the former bishop J. Schofield. You know, the bishop whose family values led him to leave TEC? Ah Bakersfield, home of holiness.


  5. Yes. But what I meant was he was a senator and he was American, but I’m not allowed to sat that, so I wrote US. And there are still complaints!

    From now on Americans are Americans, Canadians, canadians, Mexicans, Mexicans and so on. You can fight it out amongst yourselves. You’re all foreign anyway.

  6. I think the stories are newsworthy, given the hypocrisy, but seldom funny (Having said that, the subjects of the reports have set themselves up for ridicule, so I certainly am not going to begrudge another’s pleasure at the revelations.).

    What perplexes me is the inner “strength” that is required to live two separate lives. When I was a closeted evangelical boy, I was aware, of course, of the possibility of a “life on the side,” but even just the thought of it made me anxious and ill. When it was time to come out, at the ripe old age of 40, I chose the “scorched earth” methodology, and got it all done in the span of two weeks. Emotionally (and spiritually) that was the only way I could do it.

    I’ll leave to Dennis to sort out why some people can lead two lives, and others can’t. However, I’m not sure that we can trust him, as, in regards to a different thread, I’m pretty sure he has the spirit of homosexuality.

  7. The see city of the Diocese of San Joaquin is Fresno, not Bakersfield, though Bakersfield is in that diocese. As a Fresno native I do not make this point to claim -Schofield, whose presence defiled my home town for way too long, but merely to uphold accuracy. I have, on occasion, worshiped at the Cathedral Church of St James back when +Vic Rivera was bishop. Rivera was an old-fashioned convervative who, preaching at his daughter’s installation as rector of St Aidan’s, commented that he never thought the day would come when he would be called the “liberal” bishop of San Joaquin.

  8. These stories are SO predictable, they start to become boring after a while…

    [Shouldn’t that be the California (no joke!) Bear Flag on the T-shirt?

    JCF: who grew up in California, thinking then that the ONLY IRONY about the State Flag, was that the pictured grizzly bear is extinct in California. (But as a lover of camping in the Back Country, we’d really just as soon not have them back. Black bears are pesky enough! Grizzlies are T-rouble—of the fatal kind!) The sort of “Bear” one sees in The Castro, however, had not yet entered my consciousness…]

  9. “I bet I can name more American states than most of you American types can name English counties.”

    I have no doubt that that is true, but most of our states are the size of “kingdoms.”

  10. “For example, Texas has 254.”

    Some of which are larger than entire European countries. cf.

    Brewster Co., TX: 16,040 km²
    Montenegro: 13,812 km², or
    Kaliningrad Oblast: 15,100 km²