"If Jesus had not existed, the Catholic church would never have invented him. Jesus of Nazareth is a colossal embarrassment to the Catholic church … The Roman Catholic church tell us to bow our heads, to take orders, and to be afraid … Rome stands between the individual and the sky, blocking the light."
(Matthew Parris, atheist,
quoted by Andrew Brown


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  1. Parris is speaking here (well 300 yards from here!) next week. Unfortunately it’s a fund raiser for the Tory candidate – to go and hear or not – there’s a moral dilemma!

  2. Good for Matthew Parris, whose writing I have always really liked – he can be extremely funny. He is also gay and turned 18 the year the law against homosexuality was dropped. I don’t really blame any gay man from his generation or earlier for being anti the church.

    Anyway, it’s a bit hard to argue with his quote here. Even if he sounds a bit too much like a Tory in the last line … though only a shade too much.

  3. That’s quite a Christian apologia, coming from an atheist!
    [Whereas Rome is just another Babylon of GeeZus worshippers. Once again, I offer {{{Fran and other TRUE RCs, as contrasted w/ Popoids}}} all my best]

  4. He’s an atheist but he loves the liturgy and idea of the church (especially in its English manifestations). So that makes him the same as about 80% of the membership of the Church of England (and a much higher percentage if you restrict it to just the clergy).