On Sunday, dozens of gay men and women attended mass at the St Jan cathedral in Den Bosch to protest at the local bishop's decision to exclude homosexuals from the ceremony. And many of them left the church is a noisy protest after priest Geertjan van Rossem told the congregation that in order to receive communion people needed to have the 'correct' experience of sexuality.

'Homosexuals are welcome in the church. But we ask practising homosexuals not to take part in communion out of respect for the sacrament,' he said'.

The protest follows the refusal of a local priest to give communion to the carnival prince in the nearby small town of Reusel during the pre-Lent celebrations. The decision caused an uproar and led to newspaper Gaykrant urging gay Catholics to head to Reusel en masse and attend church. The refused communion to everyone who attended the service - regulars and newcomers alike.



  1. Well, I had to look up “goer” to understand this.

    Yeah, I know; I used to live over there. (But that’s not the sort of slang I was exposed to!)

    Excellent picture-toon, MP!

  2. There it is – “practicing homosexual” again. What is meant by that? What is intended in the use of this phrase? Only right-wingers need respond, and MP will be able to tell if your speaking the truth!

    If you mean “sexually active” why not say it? And if so, how can you tell? Sheesh.

  3. Most of our gay and lesbian friends on OCICBW are far beyond the practicing stage, and are licensed journeymen by now 🙂

  4. Alright, my Christian education is somehow deficient. Let’s see if I have it all sorted out now.

    1. None of us is worthy and we all rely on God’s grace for the gift of body and blood freely given that makes us new.

    2. Though none of us are worthy, some of us are negative worthy, so if on the unworthiness scale, we fall below ‘0’, then “No bread and wine for you!”

    Did I get that right? It seems very simple, and I certainly would feel comfortable in letting others assist god in determining my worthiness rating, as I would then not have to worry my pretty little head about it.

  5. Priest Geertjan van Rossem told the congregation that in order to receive communion people needed to have the ‘correct’ experience of sexuality

    Perhaps Geertjan likes being corrected.

    I believe there are women who will provide this service.

  6. What is the correct experience of sex. I’ve found that with me and the missus sometimes the experience is better than others. If a woman doesn’t have multiple orgasms on the Saturday night does the priest refuse to give her communion. Anyway it’s all very subjective and how would he know how to rate it, he’s celibate.

  7. What is the correct experience of sex.

    If you and the missus will insist on indulging in that homosexual kissing, as you were saying you were doing, then it’s not surprising that you’ve got confused. My advice is to ask Geertjan. He’s clearly an authority on these things.

  8. Odds are, Cathy, that Priest Geertjan van Rossem would prefer a man—big, hairy, muscle-bound, wearing (just a bit of) leather, and with an enormous . . . whip—to do the “corrections.”