The story of Roman Catholic priests breaking their celibacy vows is a tired tale, but in Bulawayo’s suburb of Tshabalala the narrative is made more intriguing by angry radical church youths who voiced their displeasure against their Holy Cross Parish priest for allegedly having a girlfriend by writing graffiti on the church’s wall a fortnight ago. The graffiti that has since been covered with white paint painted the youthful Father Norbert Nyathi as a womaniser and an abuser of church funds, allegations that the man of the cloth strongly denied. The statement on the wall read: “Norbert you used our tithe and offering money to take Mimi (Abigail Miti) for a holiday in Durban. Go and leave us in peace, you don’t deserve to be a priest! You are a tribalist and a womaniser!”

Such accusations did not go down well with Father Norbert who is said to have wanted to take the suspected radical youths to task, but was made to see reason by Bishop Alex Thomas who calmed tempers.

In an interview last Thursday Father Norbert who was visibly jittery denied that he was involved in a sexual relationship with Abigail and the other unnamed string of women he was linked to.

The Sunday Leisure has in its possession a copy of a statement issued by the man of God in which he alleges that this paper is involved in a conspiracy to tarnish his image. “These malicious accusations are unfounded, based on palpable hatred and hasty generalisations. It is a pity that I belong to the wrong tribe; hence I am termed a tribalist. This is clearly a tribal war. These pseudo-Catholics who reported have a satanic agenda and are using your paper as a tool to actualise their lucific agenda. Unfortunately, you are working hand and glove with them... These people are not only destroying me in person, but the whole Catholic Church and are tarnishing its image.”

Father Norbert once angered women in church when he told them to dress properly because he is also human and has feelings, revealed a member of the church’s executive on condition of anonymity.

Hey! What is their problem?
At least they know he's not gay.


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  1. I’m going to use “lucific” at every opportunity. And I expect everyone else to as well. I think we can steal a march on the SFIF crowd with this one. That David Ould he is just so lucific.

  2. Sorry I don’t understand this. Father Norbert, who sounds like a nice young man, took Grandmere Mimi on a holiday to Durban? What’s wrong with that? She deserves one, doesn’t she?

  3. We’re not talking about a sweet grey haired old lady here. This was 500 years ago when Mimi was a young woman and according to the graffiti on the Preservation Hall gents wall… No, you’ll have to go and read it for yourself, this blog does have some standards even if they a bit on the low side.

  4. Well, as it has come out, the whole story was tribalism at its best. Mimi and the pastor were just caught up in tribalism fights. Tribalism has shown its ugly head in Bulawayo Churches. Please,whoever has tribalistic views must stop and respect the local language. The local language in Bulawayo is Ndebele. The liturgical services must be in Ndebele and most of the songs must be in Ndebele.Church leaders have to see that this is enforced and not allow politices to creep in the churches.This tribalism is intertwined with the politics of the day. May the new constitution in Zimbabwe have repsect for the Ndebele and other minority languages please