I love the way he starts off this part of his sermon by

condemning consumerism and then, a couple of minutes
later, starts listing all the expensive electrical equipment
he has in his house.



  1. is it just me, or does his list of tech in his defence make him sound like the guy voting for the BNP who states “i’m not racist, i even have a black friend!” ?

  2. He’s crazy. He has horrible theology all around. Watch some of his other videos and you’ll see that. His worldview doesn’t let him see anything outside the Bible as even potentially pointing to the Gospel. He’s the “cool preacher” because he curses, but that’s about all he does that is different than the radical right wing of Statesonian Christianity, except be even farther to the right than most of them.

  3. Seminary may have its problems, but at least much of this drivel would have been headed off at the pass….. It’s interesting that in “Avatar”, the guy heading the evil company was supposedly modeled on Don Blankenship, the head of the coal company that blows the tops off mountains in Appalachia and dumps the tailings and polluted water into the valleys where it can contaminate the ground water for miles in some cases. Once he’s finished, the local ecosystem is also. I just had to use the WV: mismate

  4. Dear Lord, I pray that Satan should be able prosecute this man for slander. Lord, as his chief employer, you know that Satan is a darn fine lawyer and is repeatedly given a bad name. Lord, may your judgement and Satans fine prosecution bring peace of mind to this rambling fool.