Personally I think it wise not to dance on the graves of your enemies until they are dead and buried. Otherwise you may end up looking a complete fool. Of course, this should not be a worry for David Ould who has proved himself foolish so many times already that a bit more pie in the face is hardly going to tarnish his reputation. Proof of this if needed can be found in his obituary for me at SFIF today, from which I give you this gem:

Of course, I have never presided at a same sex blessing in my life and would not do so without the explicit permission of my bishop. As I have said many times before, I fight to change the law and I personally believe that my voice is stronger if I do not disregard the law. It's all about moral high ground, something David Ould has no personal experience of.

Am I going to sue for libel? Of course, not. I am satisfied by simply laughing in his face.

But look at this comment to Ould's post:

These people actually believe that God engineered the painful death of his own son. It's difficult enough getting your head around the concept of God allowing the inevitable murder of his child by human beings. But to go through life with the sick idea that God hammered the nails in at Christ's crucifixion must give you a real distorted view of what love is all about. And, of course, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding (or in the puddings).



  1. You are a naughty, naughty, what are you? naughty little boy. Now go to your room!

    Would that ye returned to the “fundamentals”.
    … of firmness of faith in hate, division, premature judgement, hasty condemnation etc…

    Personally I don’t see it happening.

  2. All I did was shake my head in disbelief. Who would want to part of a church these people are in? Not me!! MP I’m glad you’re laughing.

  3. “Where was God in the death of Jesus?” was an essay question set for me in my last year of Theological training. I read volumes and researched to little profit, until the simple answer came to me. God was not hammering in the nails. God was hanging on the cross.

  4. It’s difficult enough getting your head around the concept of God allowing the inevitable murder of his child by human beings.

    Those of you who have known me for a while are aware that I seldom do blogwhoring, but I recently read the best book ever about how God is present to us and how prayer works. I recommend the book to all my Christian friends. The book is titled In God’s Presence by Marjorie Suchocki. I wrote a short review of the book, which includes a few quotes, at Wounded Bird. Some of you may want to have a look.

    I’m quite sure that Oulds and crew would label the book heretical, which should be reason enough to pique your interest.

  5. Oh well, we have all known for a while now that the so-called “orthodox” have no problem with bearing false witness.

  6. Personally, I believe in the efficacy of God, not an instrument of torture. The Cross remains for me a powerful symbol of God’s judgment on sin and God’s transforming and redemptive power but the Cross does not save; God does.

    I agree with Doxy; they worship Moloch. And then have the nerve to think we have abandoned the faith. They are to be pitied as they worship a vicious deity.

  7. Of course, such ilk put others in little boxes and then can’t possibly understand what others have to say about any given matter if it does not fit in their preconceived categories. This is necessary to perpetuate their bias, and in the long run, is much, much easier than actually attempting to listen to, and understand another.

    In this case, “Carl” has pre-decided that you, Mad One (By the way, to be considered mad fits in well with today’s Gospel reading.) do not believe in the Atonement, so when he reads that you do not believe that God “engineered” the crucifixion, he reads that as proof of your abandonment of the gospel (Here I must use the lower case ‘g’, as the author has used the word to mean an understanding of theology that is identical to his.).

    For you to be a creedal fundamentalist does not fit with the category in which you have been placed (Come on in! Lots of room! Would you like a mixed drink?), and any attempt to try to create understanding, quite futile, apart from a miracle of the Spirit.

    It’s a “shake the sand off your sandals” moment.

  8. Congratulations on inspiring a very fine internal pissing match today in Hateland. You can practically see the steam pouring out of little Mattie’s tiny, yet perfectly formed, ears.

  9. If one of us were to imagine a hateful, condescending bastard and name him little Matt the Calvinist, and then put him to work at Viagraville spewing bile, no sentient being would consider it a believable scenario.
    Stanger than any fiction.

  10. If nobody else is going to say it, let me: Saintly Ramblings is absolutely right.

    (Where the heck is the Inquisition when you really need it?)


  11. David Ould has given the rest of the world an accurate window into the honesty and integrity of Sydney’s Anglican Church League – an organisation he’s embraced with all that remains of his soul.

    If ever there was a nest of vipers epitomising Matthew 23 it’s this crowd. Or as my wife said after Ould attempted to add weight to his homophobic comments at my place by pretending to be a female parishioner at Sydney’s most Catholic and gay-friendly church: “They lie. It’s what they do. It’s all they’ve got.”

  12. I love you, MP, but I really wish you wouldn’t feed the trolls. [Can you imagine the hard-on this “carl” person got, seeing his post here? (If you can’t, be glad! ;-X)]

  13. The picture you used of the father spanking the boy reminded me of the discussion going on over at or on the forum connected therewith at . .
    where they are talking about the child from Liberia who was beaten to death by her adoptive parents who follow Michael/Debbie Pearls teaching on how to train a child, She was beaten for mispronouncing or misspelling a word. Lovely people . . . and good christians following their god . . Michael Pearl.


  14. Okay, don’t these people think they are Christian? Isn’t there something about bearing false witness? Susan Russell also pointed out an example of the conservatives making up bald faced lies.

    How can they live with themselves?

    I’m no christian but my mamma put the fear o’ Mamma into ME about lying. (And never raised a hand to me either). That’s what I call Family Values.