I have had to tell some of you off more than just a few times in the past for dissing Ruth Gledhill, the Times religion correspondent. I have had to point out to you that she is a journalist working for the man and that you have to accept that. And she is a bloody good journalist. That video I posted the other month where she got that bishop to answer a question, that he should not have answered, without him even realising what he was doing, was one of the finest pieces of reporting skill I have ever come across. It was like watching Gielgud playing Hamlet. She is also the only blogging journalist truly committed to blogging and she gives far more to the community than any other journalist. I hope she has got plenty of good stuff from us in return.

So I regard HER POST on my present situation on her blog today (which was not of my instigation) as one of the greatest compliments I have ever been paid. I think it will help me get a job and, if it does not, it has given me such a boost that damn the lot of them - someone good at her job has said that I'm good at my job. That's the sort of thing that can get you through all sorts of crap.

I've posted a comment on Ruth's blog that you might like to check out.



  1. And as you are probably aware by now, the Episcopal Cafe has picked up Ruth’s blog. Good for them. Thanks to Jim Naughton.

  2. I am sorry to hear you are going through the wars. I enjoy your wit, and sometimes the music although I haven’t commented.

    I hope God has something really good in store for you. Psalm 141

    God Bless


  3. Oh yes, Jim. He’s quite good as well. Of course, Grandmere Mimi taught him everything he knows. He would still be a grubbing hack without her.

  4. Hi Eric. Just to let you know I’ve been with your wife. I now understand why you are so besotted with her. It’s good to have a sensible, strong women what will take care of you.

  5. Your absolutely right about that. Not sure I like the been with part on the same day as Ruth’s piece on you. Seems you have too much time on your hands these days.

  6. dear oh dear, I can’t keep track of all the rude slang in the world, ya know. It’s hard enough keeping pace with the Brits without having to cope with American smut as well. I am a pure-minded Australian – I simply don’t stoop to these innuendos and double entendres.

  7. oh dear oh dear, I can’t keep track of all of the rude slang in the world, ya know. It’s hard enough with the pace set by the Brits without being asked to get my brain round American smut as well. I am a pure-minded Australian and do not stoop to these innuendos and double entendres.

  8. Surely, Ruth’s post in the Times is quite a boost. I didn’t see your comment, Jonathan. Perhaps it’s not moderated through yet.

    Correction: Jim Naugthton is in no way indebted to me. Rather, he’s been quite helpful to me with my wee blog. I quote from the articles at the Episcopal Café far beyond fair use, but Jim permits me to do so, because the local folks who read my blog are not likely to click over to the EC, and Jim wants them to have the news of TEC anyway. I always cite the Café as the source and give a link, just in case.

    Congratulations on your rise to celebrity status, Jonathan. 🙂

  9. You’ve congratulated on my rise to celebrity status quite a few times in the past, Mimi. As yet, though, Hello Magazine have not been hammering on my door and nobody has approached me to join the Scientologists.

  10. “pure-minded Australian” Is that an oxymoron? I’ve lost my score card.

    Please don’t forget the little people, Mad One. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of my sycophancy that existed long before your fame.

  11. Fear not, KJ. I am hoping that I will soon be able to pay my sycophants good money. How are you at writing epic poems about mighty exploits – that sort of thing?

  12. Well, there you go Eric, that just goes to show, I don’t even know what bit of the world this slang is from, let alone what it means.

    KJ, I am living proof that “pure-minded Australian” is not an oxymoron. (adjusts halo to more flattering angle)

    MP, I think “good money” is the vital factor if you want us to stop being rude to you and start being sycophants instead.

  13. You miss the point, Cathy. KJ is a sycophant because that is his art. He needs no bribing or even encouraging. And he is totally inclusive in his sycophancy. I’m sure he will say wonderful things about you if you give him one of your coquettish, Australian smiles.

  14. I think you could save the ABC´s historical record/legacy by joining up with him as a spiritual advisor (dead serious)…the man needs to clean house (er, sweep out the Lambeth Palace)!

  15. KJ, is a bit of a sly one, though, Cathy, so he needs watching. Don’t be entirely fooled by his “nice-boy” persona. He’ll suddenly thrust with a rapier-like snide, when you least expect it. I know.

    I deleted my final sentence because I realized that someone here would surely read something dirty into my innocent remark.

  16. So you are one of “the most 50 influential Anglicans in the worldwide church” are ya?

    I’m surprised you’re not squealin’ like an utter girlie.

    But I do hope you’ll continue to condescend to allow me to breathe your air.

    :evil grin:

    (Seriously – you fecking well rock and you know it and don’t even pretend any of that false-ass modesty, ok?)

  17. I think the important fact, that no reasonable person (least of all Ruth!) would deny—is that Ruth has changed the past couple of years.

    I think that all the events surrounding Lambeth ’08 were instructive to Our Ruth: who came, who stayed away, and most of all, who was shut out (His Graciousnissimo, +Gene Robinson).

    To say that Ruth has changed, is NO insult to her—indeed, may it be said of ALL of us! [Even You Yourself, Mad One, have a ways to go to be “conformed unto Christ”. Me Myself, of course, has to go much FARTHER! ;-/].

    But Muchas Gracias! to Ruth, for her fair-minded coverage of Yourself. May it provide all the assistance you can imagine, and more so!

    God bless, Jonathan.

  18. Dear friend, you have held up a candle for so many of us when we were in the darkness. Please know that many, many burn for you now.

    Pax, C.

  19. I’ve just posted a comment on Ruth’s blog too. MP, you might recognise chunks of it – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again and again and again.

  20. Yes, Mike and JCF. I’ve seen the change as well and it’s definitely good to see.

    Well done, MadPriest! This support and exposure is bound to be good.

    Also, I really like what Cecilia said and I agree.

  21. Mad Priest, why is that Aussie girl leering at me?

    I don’t think that I’m an easy sycophantic whore, but if you believe it to be true, Mad One, it must be so, and my burden to bear. I’m sure there is much that Mimi can teach me.

  22. I can confirm that Mimi is not a sycophant. But what she does in her spare time is no business of mine. But, if she is still making good money out of her body at her age, I say “Good luck to her!”

  23. Jonathan, it’s too bad the newcomers to OCICBW don’t have access to the old comment threads that turned into bloody battlefields. Ah, the memories!

    Rule Britannia!

  24. Hey MadPriest,

    I’m bummed for you losing your job and wish you well. Keep on blogging because you’re very good at it. I’d say come to the states but you’d miss your life in England. I dedicate 2 songs for you. The first is called Storms and it’s for you and the wife. The second song is Goat and sort of describes up your situation -and the good news of that song is there is a sweet redemptive jam at the end -so listen please. Track 5 & 6. God Bless the MadPriest!

  25. Thanks, anonymous. The sentiments are very much appreciated.

    I have been into Railroad Earth for quite a few years. They are my favourite jam band. Primarily this is because they are more rootsy than most of the others and sound uncannily similar to one of my all time fave groups, The Waterboys.

    I really dig the jam scene’s attitude towards making their live performances freely available. It is such a refreshing and righteous celebration of creativity. May they and the Internet Archive live long and prosper.

    God bless them and God bless you.

    Thanks again.

  26. Sad that you are loosing your job. I’m sure there will be a contemporary, gay friendly, emergent, new expressions congregation just screaming for your talents.

    I read a couple of your sermons today, I can’t say I agree with some of your points of view, but then that is hardly surprising as I am one of those evangelicals you often like to refer to.

    I think it is very underhanded what your diocese has done to you.

    AS for you being flattered by ‘Our Ruth’, lets not forget she is a hack who makes a living from church gossip, this in itself isn’t a crime unless we remember that she is a christian. One that chooses to exploit her relationships with her brothers and sisters in Christ in the church to gleen juicy tit bits. Not forgetting how she often plays off one faction against another worsening tensions and relationships, destroying community.

    Oh yes, Murdoch does pay her wages, what good could ever come from that?