I have just added a couple of new blogs over in THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. The first is called AVAILABLE LIGHT and is the creation of another (kosher) blogging bishop (only just as he was bumped up to the New Zealand episcopacy last night in Dunedin). His name is Kelvin Wright and his recent life has been

a bit of a roller coaster ride to say the least. Check out THE OTAGO DAILY TIMES for more details. He's a blog friend of Brian (NOBLE WOLF) by the way. Whether that's an endorsement or a reason to avoid the good bishop like the plague is up to you to decide.

The second blog to be given the dubious honour of a listing on The Neighbourhood Hall of Fame is SEERSUCKER SEMINARIAN. Its creator, Joseph P. Mathews, OSL, is far too young and good looking and I hate him already.



  1. Kelvin looks like Alan Sugar. In fact, can we be sure it isn’t Alan Sugar?… Meanwhile, I hope Joseph has a note from his mum to explain why he’s not in school.

    I shall check both blogs out shortly.

  2. Thanks for adding Kelvin. I was at his ordination yesterday. So many bishops in one place, would have given Madpriest indigestion 🙂
    For someone who grew up in Calvinist Sydney, Kelvin is a breath of fresh air and he greeted me by my name at the door although we only met in the flesh 5 weeks ago. His views on ordination of homosexuals while more cautious than I would like are light years in advance of my previous ‘bishop’ Jensen.

  3. Joseph looks like a sane version of the late Steve Irwin

    You’re surely not suggesting that Steve Irwin wasn’t sane …?

  4. You’re surely not suggesting that Steve Irwin wasn’t sane …?

    You’re surely not suggesting that Steve Irwin wasn’t Australian …?

  5. LOL! No, he was Australian, MP, no question about that. When I went to Queensland in December there were massive billboards plastered all over the highway advertising his zoo and showing him grinning cheesily and clasping a rather dismayed-looking full-sized crocodile to his bosom.

    Nothing wrong with that, of course. Perhaps they were in love. Stranger things have happened in Queensland.