1. This one comes from the totally dark and dank undercroft of my soul…

    “Tobacco starts off green like this. Then we hang it from the rafters over your head. This is one of the cash crops that the CoE is investing in to help you poor souls in your poverty. Praise be to God!”

  2. Joseph P. Mathews, OSL: FTW!

    [Jordan? Who’s she? Some “Page 3 Girl”, or whatever page your tabloids put their Daily Skin on? O_o]


    Prayers, Crazy Arse, for you to Get Your Mojo Back. When I first check-in on OCICBW at 7PM, I wanna see AT LEAST a half dozen new entries!

  3. The Archbishop looks distinctly daunted behind Jordan there, as well a chap might. She’s an energetic looking girl, to say the least.

    Nice frock though. Her, not him.

    JCF: that is more or less exactly who Jordan is, or how she started out, anyway. She has since gone on to greater things, publishing pony novels for girls and suchlike, but it would be a rare day in this country you wouldn’t find her face on the cover of some magazine or tabloid. As a result she is minted – worth £20 million, last I heard.