From Maggie:

Hello Jonathan,

My sweetie Gerry lost his brother-in-law Barton Childs yesterday (19th. February).

I would like to request prayers for the repose of his soul and comfort for his widow and family.

Thank you.

CLICK HERE for a copy of his obituary that shows him to be a man who literally changed the world for the better.

As it's Sunday,

and I've got to
pop into work
and all that,
please would
you post any
of your own
prayer requests
in the comments
to this post.


THE PRAYER LIST — 6 Comments

  1. Oi, Song!

    We don’t do comparative suffering on this post.

    Your suffering is valued as much as anyone else’s and is given by the rest of us whatever importance you put on it.

  2. Apologies for being a day late, but prayers for all of you anyway.

    Also please for my friend Emily, who was accredited as a Methodist local preacher yesterday after a long and difficult journey.