1. Yes, very clever, Mad One.

    As a humble man, I would settle for the 64GB iPod Touch. I’m currently getting all of my CDs on the computer — 30GB and counting. I may have to settle for the more boring, and affordable, iPod Classic.

  2. I’m currently getting all of my CDs on the computer — 30GB and counting.

    Young’un, I need to get all my LPs and tapes onto the computer!

    [If anyone knows of any free software—using ancient hardware? (turntable and tapedeck)—for doing same, please let me know!]

  3. JCF – a friend of mine has a dooverlackie, or wotsit, or whatever you call it, a bit of gadgetry, anyway, to transfer LPs to his computer. I don’t think it was free though and I don’t know how well it works. But I’ll find out more and get back to you.

  4. Young un? I’m afraid that ship has sailed, but thank you.

    You can purchase turntables, not at a great price, that will turn your analogue beauties into digital. I could never stand the “wow and flutter” of tapes, 8-track or cassette, so I seldom bought them back in the day. However, as a result of a fruitless search, I’ve determined I have an irreplaceable cassette tape, digital recording, of Leontyne Price, a Christmas recording (digital) that she made right at the end of her recording career (I have her earlier Christmas recoding; it’s not nearly as fabulous. I want to hear Leontyne sing both the alto and soprano parts on “He Shall Feed His Flock.”). So, my plan is to find some service that will “digitize” the recording for me.