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During the autumn months, I worked with many others in this Diocese to write some Resolutions for the Diocese to consider --to encourage the blessing of same-sex couples and to accept LGBTQ persons in ordained ministry... The Bishop himself said he hoped these things would happen by June of this year. He said it TO. MY. FACE.

Then during the Council, in his address he said this: “I do regret that, in this address, some important matters in our common life will seem to be slighted while others are omitted, such as the several topics arising from the debate on sexuality. But I look for us to address these issues thoroughly in regional forums in 2010. It is unfortunate that some of the weightiest deliberations that come before us cannot be adequately and justly dealt with in the very short time allowed by Annual Council...”

I held my breath.... but I was confident the Resolutions would pass --there is a ground swell. Truly.

Then Council was interrupted by snow, we debated the Resolutions --but Council was adjourned to meet and conclude at a later date.

That later date is this Saturday. The work by the Resolutions Committee was published. Our Resolutions are gone. Gone.

Most people do nothing about injustice. Some people, such as myself, moan loudly about it. A very few people actually get off their backsides and do something practical. Margaret is one of the latter. Unfortunately, such people risk the most and the constant set backs can be very draining. Please go read the rest of Margaret's post in which she talks about how this latest set back has led to making big changes in her ministry and offer her your prayers and support.


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I noticed last night she didn't come up to bed with me which was a little unusual. Then this morning when she did not come to eat I knew something was wrong. I found her sitting in the basement, lethargic and with labored breathing. By the time I got her to the vet she was having an extremely difficult time breathing and so we put her out of her pain. She had fluid on the lungs. Lots of reasons for that. It was something of a shock since it came on so suddenly. My pretty little Mollie. I'm so glad I took her in and gave her the home she so obviously longed for.


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I always find when I come back from a trip or a holiday, I have a strong sense of anti-climax, like a sudden surge of depression. Last night I was very relieved to be home, and a few hours later we were watching a tv programme we all enjoy when I noticed blood in my dog’s mouth. Now, she’s got cancer of the tongue and her tongue has been in a mess for a while, but the amount of blood that appeared was alarming. She’s been treated for an infection in it, and what I think happened was the pocket of infection emptied, and bled clean. Needless to say she was unconcerned and after we mopped up the mess, it stopped. By the time we went to bed, she was OK. This morning, she was also fine. Her tongue looked ok; well, as ok as it’s ever likely to be and we headed out for a long walk. As I may have said before, she’ll be fine until she’s not. Last night I had a real fright that suddenly she was not fine. I slept badly. I couldn’t stop shaking for hours.

To all intents and purposes, there was nothing wrong this morning that wasn’t already wrong, but today has been a tough old day. Dog walkers talk. We stop and talk about our dogs; it’s the one thing we have in common and today I talked to several people. Holly’s cancer came up. I was upbeat and cheerful about it, but the second time, after I headed up the beach, I found myself crying.

By the time I got off the beach and into the woods, I was sobbing. Thankfully no one was about so I didn’t have to worry. I was thinking about all the much loved animals we’ve shared our lives with and what sent me almost into hysterics was the sudden memory that it’s actually been ten years this year since Watson, my legendary ginger tom, died. Ten years. It doesn’t feel like it. I miss him still. I miss William, my big black shaggy cat, who slept on my pillow curled round my head, now gone twelve years.

I sat under an old oak and howled for a few minutes. Holly came over and put her head on my knee and we sat there like that for a while until I couldn’t let myself stay any longer.

Saint Francis

pray for all
God's creatures.


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  1. Oh my – I pray with righteous anger for Margaret and that entire situation. I have not been over to her blog in a few days and will go over to comment there too.

    Prayers for Viv and Joelle too – it is always so heartbreaking when our beloved animals fall ill and when they must leave us.

  2. Tracie, I hope so. The thing is though, I doubt everything I’ve ever thought I believed.
    St Francis is one of my favourite saints; we have two statues of him, one with the wolf of Gubbio(which looks rather like a shaggy German shepherd) and one with the birds.
    The vet is happy to prescribe anti-biotics now by repeat prescription without a visit. End game management. He still can’t give any idea of how long.

  3. Here it is. By the way, word verification is sunbras!

    “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”

    -Marcus Aurelius, philosopher and writer (121-180)

  4. Absolutely, Viv. So stop worrying about what is real and what isn’t and just believe. What you believe is up to you. I would go for the thing that brings you and, through you, the universe the most happiness. For the simple reason that happiness feels nicer than unhappiness as we both know only too well.

  5. No problem there, Joelle. At OCICBW… we believe that all life is involved in ministry to all life and we don’t give any form of ministry higher regard than any other. You could say we are “true creationists.”

  6. Jonathan, you of all people should know how silly it is to say Stop worrying about what is real.
    I’m not worrying. I wish it was that simple. Imagine having hallucinations that you could fly, that you have wings, and then leaping from a building… I don’t expect God or anyone to catch me, let’s put it like that, in that situation.

  7. Then, Viv, may I suggest you stop worrying about believing in a fairy story god and invent a god you can believe in. And, actually, I am far more interested in what might be real than in what is real. Of course, I’m not a scientist like you so I am allowed to enjoy my imagination (until Dorkins becomes a divine caesar, at least).

  8. I’m not sure I am understanding you; perhaps the syntax has confused me.
    “Of course, I’m not a scientist like you so I am allowed to enjoy my imagination”
    So have I been promoted or demoted? Last time I looked at my degree certificate it said BA not Bsc.
    As for inventing a god, well, I’m not sure how to respond there at all.

  9. I’d like your prayers for my aunt (my Crazy, Favorite Aunt) who’s in the hospital [Brit pray-ers, you may drop the “the”] for a bad flare-up of her chronic leukemia [My brother saw her yesterday, and thinks she’s getting better. TBTG!]


    Yesterday, I was in a mood . . . and that called for me to go see my favorite canine in town, Angel the Lab.

    She was good for what ails me . . . but my girl is getting older (9 in a couple of months), and her rear end is getting slower up out of her bed [I suppose that’s true for many of us ;-/]. Pray for my buddy . . . and her elderly Pack Leader, moving w/ Angel to a Senior Apartment at the end of the month.

    wv, “deold”: where we’re all headed! ;-p

  10. Oh, and prayers ascending for all, of course.

    Pretty Mollie, enjoy your wavy Golden Tail, in Catnip Jingly-Ball Heaven!

    Long-life and better health to Sweet Holly.