My friends, I give you the most exciting band to come out of
New York City since The 10000 Maniacs. They are called
The Soft City and the tracks on the jukebox tonight are all
from their debut album. They are an incredibly tight, very
talented band with a lead singer whose voice is as strong and
musically pleasing as that of Natalie Merchant but with the
added bonus that you can understand the words she's singing
(which you couldn't on the first three Maniacs' albums).



  1. “…the most exciting band to come out of New York City since The 10000 Maniacs”

    EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!?!


    10,000 Maniacs are from the city of Jamestown NY, a small blue collar city at the far western end of the state of New York. It was my great privilege to be the first local radio personality to play their music on a regular basis. I’ve interviewed several members of the band over the year, helped introduce them at a local concert and currently work with their keyboard player, Dennis Drew, at the local Arts Council radio station.

    They’re a local band made up of local folks. And Jamestown is damn proud of them. They’ve certainly worked in New York City but they are the pride of southwestern New York. Along with Lucille Ball, Roger Tory Peterson and Supreme Court Justice and Nuremberg prosecutor Robert Jackson.

    “…out of New York City…”. My God. I am wroth sir, wroth!


  2. Great sound. She has a lovely voice with a unique quality. Here they are right across the Passaic from me and I have to find out about them from a madpriest across the Pond.

    I’m glad I did.

    Hmm . . . some of the sound is reminiscent of “The British Invasion”. Can’t quite put my finger on it. A bit like Marianne Faithful with working ovaries in her vocal cords.

  3. They are really good. And I am an old folkie so this is not my music. This band however is something special.