The legendary Andrew Brown, at THE GUARDIAN, has got his hands on some emails that blow the lid of Andrew Burnham's Machiavellian politicking hand in hand with his friends in the Italian franchise. Do go read. No matter how guilty you feel about yourselves this Ash Wednesday, at least you can honestly claim that you are nowhere near as plain evil as the schismatics or the emissaries of the Borg.



  1. The level of manipulation is beyond belief, really. Even Burnham himself seems to feel a bit uncomfortable with it (or that’s what his references to “cloak and dagger” and “Elizabethan espionage” suggests to me). It makes me angry every time I think about it, actually. The Anglican church closest to me is weirdly enough the one my grandparents married in before heading to Brisbane in the 1920s, but I don’t feel welcome there any more because the vicar is busy trying to get it to go Catholic, which last time I went there he was doing in really sneaky, underhand ways. This is but one very tiny part of the whole, obviously, but when I think of my grandparents I feel really pissed off about it. The politicking is disgusting. The fact that no one at OCICBW is as bad as this is small comfort.

  2. “Mgr Patrick Burke of the CDF” Is this the same patrick Burke who was PP of St Joseph’s Burntisland in Fife? If so, I was his ecclesiatical landlord in Kinghorn (RC’s used our building after their church fell down a mineshaft). Nice chap, smart, hardline and knows full well FiF has more woof woofs than Battersea Dogs Home!

  3. BTW, it was Clarence House that had the maximum quota of old queens when the QM was still alive – but then she was confirmed in the SEC @ St John’s Forfar!