Here's some more odds & sods that ended up in my shopping
basket during the last few weeks. Again, something for
everyone, though Glyn should probably check out the Esther
Williams track if he hasn't already got it himself.

Daylight - Sweet Coffee
Fallen Feat. Saunders Sermons - London
Soul Survivor - Tashan
Sideswiped - Blue Lunch
Last Night Changed It All - Esther Williams
Bafftub Jim - Eldridge Gravy & the Court Supreme
Hit & Run Lover - Tommie Young
The World Pt. 1 - Sandi & Matues
James Soul - Five For Groove


THE DVANT DISCO — 5 Comments

  1. No,I haven’t got the Esther Williams track – Hit and Run Lover is the one I’ve got.Great to hear it.In fact I’m going to have a look for it now.I loved the second track,Fallen.

    Don’t stop now MadPriest,you’re on a roll.