The Roundhead blogs are still claiming that ACNA has been recognised by the C.of E. General Synod and that this synod has been a victory for the right.


This Synod has proved that the centre still holds and is still being supported on many issues by the open evangelical faction. Bearing in mind the Grand Tufti's one way love affair with the haters and his charismatic influence over the clergy in Synod, I am delighted with the way the voting went this week.

ACNA has been firmly told that although it is accepted that they want to have power in the Anglican Communion, the C. of E. doesn't want them to until they learn how to behave like Englishmen.

It looks like one of my greatest hopes, that the English Methodists will be back in the Anglican fold where they have always belonged, and within my lifetime is a lot closer,


And then we have this giant step as reported at THE GUARDIAN:

Okay, it might seem a bit lame to those who really would like to be treated like human beings not freaks, but, on the other hand, it has made the argument against gay clergy in my church look even more futile when put up against the truth of how things actually are in the church.



  1. MP you really must stop using Roundhead as a term of abuse. The Roundheads included in their numbers the Diggers and the Levellers, who were not only supercool but would have wildly cheered on most of what you stand for.

    Down with the king! The king is a fink.

  2. Dammit, I was thinking of going and joining the Methodists. What’s the point of becoming a dissenter if they then announce they don’t dissent? …

    Other than that, I agree with every word you say, MP.

    Nice piece from Andrew Brown as ever.

  3. The Wesleyan Methodists were the least dissenting group of people ever to have a run in with the Church of England hierarchy. Compared to the earlier satanic Puritans and later Anglo-Catholics, they were orthodox through and through. We only threw them out because they threatened the thoroughly corrupt, “jobs for the boys,” parish system we had going at the time.

    Although I could never have been a Methodist (they got so boring) I could easily have been a Wesley. He was a radical, catholic evangelist – I could do that.

  4. Whatever the President and V-P say, most ordinary Methodists (i.e. the kind who don’t go to Conference) don’t want to be “back in the Anglican fold” if it involves going out of existence – and they especially don’t want bishops. I’m not convinced unity will happen that soon, certainly not as soon as the President suggested.