When your little girl is bored with the Ouija Board you bought

her for Christmas, why not bring the magic back into her life
with this sexy sorceress doll from Martell?

Thanks to our very own sexy sorceress, Tracie The Red
for sending this in to MadPriest Towers.



  1. Well, I like her frock.

    There is something evil about Barbie dolls, I think. The Barbie doll I had as a girl had an evil character. She was always brewing some sort of villainous plot to cause trouble to the other toys. So Sorceress Barbie seems like a logical development to me.

    Tracie the Red: have you got one of these Sorceress Barbies, just out of interest?

  2. Thanks MP. As ever.

    Tracie’s answered my question before I asked it, I see … Not that I believe her. I reckon she’s brewing up some sort of potent concoction in the company of her Sorceress Barbie as we speak.

  3. New Barbie can now do a spell
    Still sexy from what I can tell
    You just throw her a word
    And this pink, leggy nerd
    Will answer, with cedillas as well.

  4. Anyway, I’m not projecting, my Barbie was really evil. She was always inciting riots, though fortunately her mischief was nearly always scuppered by brave Sydney, the stuffed orange cat.

    Boaz – I’ve worked out why you write such good limericks – it’s the Vegemite

  5. Great! Something for fundagelicals to get their knickers in a twist about, and just in time for Lent.

    Say! Where’s Ken in his cute re swimming trunks? I think my sister’s Ken Doll placed a spell on me when I was but a wee lad.

  6. I’m still waiting for Leather Fetish Barbie myself. Ken always struck me as a fellow who wanted his girl to give him a good spanking…