I have received the following email from our friend, Suzanne of Ann Arbor:

Dear Madpriest,

In December, you were kind enough to link to my blog after I posted about people sleeping outside in the cold in my town and my own feelings of despair and powerlessness. I wrote that I didn't know what to do about this awful fact, and you added me to the prayer list. I suppose the prayer was for the people out in the cold and also that I would figure out how to be helpful in some way, and I know that God did give me a nudge in the right direction. I went to a meeting of the group that is trying to help the folks in the tent city, and discovered that they had decided to stop distributing propane for the portable heaters that the campers use, because their budget was so tight that they needed the money for other things.

I suggested that there could be a separate fund for propane that we could ask people to contribute to seasonally, and I gave them a very small donation to start off with. I've since been putting a small donation in that fund each month, and so, far, I've discovered that this has apparently been enough to keep the campers in propane through the cold nights. Such a small thing, and barely a sacrifice for me. I am certain that the prayers of your readers helped to keep some people warm here in Michigan. So your small act of reading my blog and linking to it, and the small acts of all the other people along the way are multiplied, and the reign of God --where we are all warm enough and have the basic necessities--gets a tiny bit closer. The people are still in tents, and this is still an abomination, but God wants to show us the way out of this mess, if we keep our hearts open and if we show to try to help, I think. Thank you again for the prayers and for your ministry, which is making a difference in tangible ways to people who have not even heard of you.

Here is the website for the tent city, by the way:

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Thanks for that, Suzanne and thanks for actually doing something about something. You're a brick!



  1. This sounds like a good thing to help with. Good on Suzanne.

    I have been meaning to ask, MP, what happened in the end re that chick in Haiti helping women have healthy babies, that we were possibly going to support? … Has that fallen through? …