Please pray for my P.C.C. (vestry) chairman, Jackie, whose husband Norman died yesterday after a painful battle with cancer. Please pray for his three adult children and all his many friends and students who will miss him so much. And please pray for their friend, Reverend Joan, as she ministers to them in their bereavement.


Please pray for all our friends who are still suffering from isolation, power cuts and shortages following the recent storms and extreme wintry weather in the United States and elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere.


Please continue to pray for the people of Haiti and those helping them. The "official" death toll has now reached 230000. This will be an underestimate.


Posted (9th. February 2010) by Mibi52 at REVMIBI:

Please pray for the repose of the soul of PH's uncle Rueben. He died this morning at the age of 70. He is the first of that generation to pass - hardy Swedes from the U.P. - and this will be very difficult for the family.

He was a faithful Christian, a devoted husband and father, and a funny, hardworking guy. Please pray, too, for his family, as they bid him farewell.

Saint Scholastica

(patron of

pray for us


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  1. Prayers for Norman, Jackie, Joan, Reuben, and all the rest.

    I have been through two rounds of canceled flights and have, after a day and a half, gotten all the way to Denver, Colorado, whereas I was scheduled to be in Istanbul by now. Whoever the patron of air travel is, and all y’all, pray for us.

    Prayer for the Church of England so sadly losing its way.

  2. Prayers for the people of the mid-Atlantic states appreciated; my mother is up in Baltimore and is snowed in. The snow is coming down even now, about to add another 20″ to the over 2-3′ they already have.

    The Baltimore Sun’s web page has a slideshow of the snow – and some of the havoc it has wreaked in the area. Unbelievable. Not even Mom can recall ever seeing snow this bad in her entire life (and she’s originally from West BY GOD Virginia).

    Tracie the Red

  3. …whereas I went XC skiing for the first time this season (from the snow Michigan received), and was thankful!

    Prayers ascending…