1. I did bring myself to read it.

    “The freedom of government to settle debated moral questions for the diverse communities of civil society is not something we should endorse too rapidly…”

    I think he’s a touch too paraniod about the power of elected governments in democratic societies. Governments are granted authority by virtue of elections. And by golly they do whatever they can (i.e. please as many people as possible) to be elected again the next time! You can take a lot of comfort in that.

    He deftly weaves in, while your eyes are glazing over, “The Covenant”…. Hey! How did that get in here.

    He’s not up to the major shift that is going on in society and belatedly, in the church. Come on Rowan, it will all be so obvious in 30 years time. Get on the right side and help give it a push.

    Rowan just wants, “Peace in Our Time” and we know what happened there.

  2. Absolutely unbearable–as Proust said, the one who is breaking off the relationship says the most eloquent things. This feels like an absolute bithering cover-up for the painful truth that some of us should submit to being second class or sub-human for the sake of the gospel or really the peace of the Church. How he can bring himself to think or speak this is unbearable.