Your prayers for a good life, please, for young Alice. She is the daughter of good friends of our friend UKVIEWER who attended her baptism on Sunday.

And your prayers, also, for Ostrich at HEAD IN THE SAND and Jaliya at A POST-CYNICAL SEER who are both suffering from bad nights at the moment. This seems to be a common problem with creative, highly intelligent people so I expect you will all be able to empathise with our two friends. I long ago learnt to just go with the flow and not worry. But then I can always crash in the afternoon and write a sermon at three o'clock in the morning. Not many people have a job that affords such flexibility.


THE PRAYER LIST — 4 Comments

  1. Prayers are ascending for all.

    Our parish was on retreat this past weekend, MP. The entire group prayed for Jonathan around the clock as we prayed the Daily Office.

    Dr. Ann is up and about and has even gone out with her husband for breakfast. She says to thank all who have prayed for her.