On the thread to our recent "TEC IS SATAN" post there has been much reference to ethical living. It is obvious that many people pay lip service to this but are unable to put it into practice.

I've just remembered something from my past that was stuck right at the back of my mind. In England we used to have something to help people with a conscience but who were unwilling or unable to take on the responsibility for it themselves. If my memory serves me right we used to call it The Labour Party. Basically, every few years the less selfish among us would vote for them and, very occasionally, they would become the government for a couple of years or so. They would give some extra money to our poorest people and send a bit more cash to the developing world, that sort of thing. Then the Tories would return and we could all go back to our comfortable lives. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist anymore. It was replaced by something called a Blair. The Blair was just as dedicated to sending lots of money to poorer countries except he liked to do this by dropping expensive bombs on them.



  1. :)that was all before my time.. however the labour government is trying to stop us who have pots of cash from messing up the environment for the poorest people of the world so that their farming is harder etc. Whereas the Tories seem to be ‘bugger it why should we give a shit’.. similar scenario?

  2. Nor does the Democratic Party in the US, which did some of those same good things as the old Labor Party, exist any longer. We have a center-right party and a far right party. We are fecked.

  3. Frighteningly correct. I’m doing some social policy stuff for an OU course at the moment and am discovering just how terrifyingly Thatcherite the last 12 years have been…

  4. Well, at least you HAD a Labor Party. We’ve never had anything quite like that in the USA, not that we haven’t tried. The Left, such as it is in the country, has never been in power even when it has been strong. Our Left is a little too used to being marginalized while the Owning Classes continue to bamboozle the populace with the idea that anyone and everyone could win the lottery.

    As for living an ethical life, we all stumble, and in the end we will all fail at it. What counts is that we always try, and try our best.

  5. Yes, Justin. I sometimes yearn for another winter of discontent for the simple reason it was more interesting than what we get now.

  6. “At least you don’t have to decide who to vote for.”

    Increasing numbers of Americans just don’t bother to vote anymore. A 60% voter turnout for a national election is considered high over here. Most elections see a 20 to 30% turnout. Local elections usually get around 10% turnout.

    The sad part is that I suspect most of the no-shows aren’t really apathetic. They don’t think voting makes much of a difference, and so, why bother.

    And the really sad part is that they may be right.

  7. And the really sad part is that they may be right.

    It sure as hell feels that way…I vote, even if it IS pointless. At least I feel I had my say and did my part. Can’t say it if I sit home on my arse.

    My real fear, is that all politicians are the same person wrapped up in different glossy paper, but basically just functioning as cogs in an evil, evil, evil machine. So it’s not so much that your party won’t get it, as it won’t matter, cuz the machine has failed to function…

  8. My real fear, is that all politicians are the same person wrapped up in different glossy paper….

    That’s about right, Eileen, and we’re all in thrall to the mighty corporations.

  9. The one piece of good news politically that I’ve had in recent years was that the conservative party got voted out in Australia, at long last, and the Prime Minister even got humiliatingly voted out of his electorate, which was particularly satisfying. But the current Labour PM has just vetoed the idea of gay marriage, unfortunately, which has taken the gloss off what seemed to be the good news of Labour winning the election, to say the least.


    And Mimi is of course completely correct about the corporations. Which makes it even more depressing.