No argument. It's a thousand days off for this
one. But there is a very high likelihood of brain
damage being sustained by those of you brave
enough to go for the big prize. So be careful. At
the first sign of blood dripping out of your nose
- SWITCH IT OFF! If you die before getting all
the way through you don't get your days off
purgatory and you'll probably be in purgatory.
So be sensible, please.



  1. I’m not particularly proud of it, but I made it. An entire piece on only one guitar chord, until the finale. The only lyric I got was the word “insanity” which about sums it up. Writing now is just debriefing so bear with me until my head screws back on right side up. The upside is that Bob Dylan has finally stopped using his real name.

    word id: smonre.

  2. Bwahaha – I made it through the whole thing, all 3:36…..:-) All the time off, please, because I did NOT cheat: I left my hearing aids in and turned on, so no snarky comments. I was fascinated at how he was able to master all those complex chord fingerings on the guitar. It must have taken him years to develop those smooth transitions…..

  3. Not brain damage.

    I’m pretty sure that if you listen to this all the way through, it opens your mind to become a conduit between this world and that of the Great Old Ones.

  4. In the name of Allah! That makes Sydney Devine sound good. (aka Snake and Pygmy Scottish Country and Western singer from the Bluegrass Country of Ayrshire).