This photograph was submitted for your captioneering entertainment by WhiteyCat who says:

This is Cardinal Rode who is conducting the investigation
of the American nuns. Really a happy looking chap, isn't he?

So what is the Vatican enforcer thinking?



  1. “I’m Hen-er-y the 8th I am, Hen-er-y the 8th I am, I am…I got married to the widow next door, she’s been married seven times before and every one was a Henry…she wouldn’t have a Willy…”

  2. Well, Pseudo, it seems to me one of two things could have happened here. Either, I arbitrarily picked on your comment and deleted it deliberately just to annoy you or it hasn’t ever arrived yet.

    After you’ve stopped being a martyr perhaps you would like to try sending it again. Maybe this time it will come through.

  3. The nuns ordered me to keep my hands where they can see them. Dammit! My reputation precedes me…

    [Always you and the “underlings” Dahveed! ;-X]