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  1. Aye, Rick. Imagine walking up behind Fred Phelps’ evil daughter, clouting her round the head with one of her own placards, and, as she’s lying on the pavement looking dazed, saying, “Well, you did ask for a sign.”

  2. Oh, I think clouting Fred Phelps’s daughter on the back of the head with pretty much any object would be fairly satisfying.

  3. Five of the six comments on this so far start with the word “oh”.

    The other one starts with “aye”.

    Is there meaning in this?

  4. Orlando has one just off of the East-West Expressway that is green and it says:

    You can always look to me for directions.
    — Billboard

    I’d get a photo of it, but I’m usually rushing past it on my way to work. 🙂