Something I've noticed recently is that I'm adding a few blogging, Anglican priests from England to THE NEIGHBOURHOOD list. This is great. For years there was only me, Saintly Ramblings and (only occasionally nowadays) Freedom Bound. I'm glad the Inclusive Church brigade are beginning to get a bit more vocal. It's not long before the Big Showdown when the National Synod votes on the Covenant (boo! hiss!) and the middle of the road is going to have to be persuaded of the dire consequences of giving up our independence. At the moment it looks like they'd all just follow The Grand Tufti like lemmings over a cliff (if lemmings did jump over cliffs which, of course, they don't - it's just a myth put about by Norwegians with nothing better to do during the long, cold winters stuck in their log cabins).

Anyway, that little rant is merely the precursor to the main business of this post which is to recommend that you pop over to the GLORIOUS THINGS blog, that I have just added to list of ne'erdowells and troublemakers that make up our neighbourhood. The young lady who puts it together has, obviously, been brought up properly and knows how to behave in public. So be nice to her! And none of your usual naughtiness in her comment boxes. We don't want to scare the English off so soon after they have arrived on the scene. (It's just like a world war - but in reverse).



  1. I looked at a team vicar’s job in Lyme Regis (I love that area of the country) but the rector struck me as a bit controlling. You don’t happen to know anybody important in Bristol by any chance? Better still, do you have any good dirt on somebody important in Bristol that might come in useful?

  2. Hmmmm…. I got that profile too. (Lyme Regis has a reputation – previous incumbents end up with depression. Do you really want the stress of 12 parishes?). New rector there would be a great colleague though, that is the only thing recommending the job.
    Bristol’s in the North of the country- foreign country and diocese. You of course are in outer Mongolia Come to Salisbury Diocese its by far the most inclusive. Where do you want to go? I’ll put something in their tea.

  3. I visited gloriousthings MP and immediately went into a rant. “associate ministers” for non-stipendiaries indeed. Rubbish. Absolute rot. I blamed you for sending me.