1. Who would want the vestment even for a tablecloth? But the men in their embroidered silks and brocades and silly hats are just as ridiculous. What would Jesus say?

  2. Oh well, at least she’s not wearing that same hippy moon outfit she never took off for several years.

  3. You’d think in a Province with so many gay clergy, ++KJS could get a chaplain with the fashion sense to say “Honey, that is a major no-no!”. The poor dear has the worst taste in vestments of any Primate since George Carey!

  4. Who is, two auntees? The bloke in the front in the multi-colour number or one of the two ladies at the back?

    I have no idea why our church is so hung up about men in frocks when we as so ab fab in our public haute couture. And we’re missing such a good business opportunity. Our clerical wear designers could be making a fortune out of selling to the cabaret circuit.

  5. Oh, Lois, once again you fail to get with the zeitgeist – and this time it’s not even in respect of young people. You are out of step with the oldies as well.

    Forget what I sad earlier. You are, as you thought originally, beyond all hope 🙂

    (I put the smiley on just in case you took me seriously and went off and topped yourself. You see, I’d get in trouble if you did that)

  6. I am with Lois, I like it as well, but then again, we are not known in Latin America for subtle colors. There is an electric blue, and a hot pink house side-by-side across the street from our apartment building. With a shit brown one on one side and a lemon yellow one on the other side.

    Note to Padre Dougal: these vestments were designed by gay men. The same two guys that designed the half moon outfit that DVBB just panned. Both sets were for her investiture as primate of TEC.

    Of course if you put up the foto of her in that rainbow oven mitt I will agree. That just looks plain stupid.

  7. Ah whoa is me…where did I put my little pink Prada purse…

    Of course, I don’t have any cool tat. Just run of the mill boring stuff. Now, that stone beautiful second-hand old fashioned deep claret brocade chasuble this priest friend of mine put on me in the tat shop at Walsingham in front of a bunch of men in black cassocks and sent them running from the shop – wish I’d bought that.

  8. If the intent is to get one to look at her, it has served its purpose. It is hard to take one’s eyes off the multicolored splendor of it. It wouldn’t be what I’d choose for vestments, but I am (TBTG) not the PB.

  9. IMHO, the only thing sillier than over-the-top pretentious gold brocade and silk vestments are “trendy vicar” vestments. I have winced at almost everything KJS has worn – from her oven mitt miter to that oversized pride flag she’s wearing above.

    If one must have vestments, I would prefer they stay simple, but my inner protestant would eliminate the entire nod towards Popery.

    I caused a bit of a stir by preferring to wear a white cotton kurta and pajama bottom made for me by a muslim tailor in Minneapolis. When I served for KJS at St. Paul’s there were those in attendance who were simply mortified.

  10. By gay men for gay men – not this one.

    She looks like she belongs in a liberal Prysbeterian Church with that outfit (not that there’s anything wrong with the Presy-ies.)

  11. I like it, too! And I think Our Kate looks great in it. Better than the gents in brocade look in their getups.

    But I like the joke, too.

  12. THAT was designed by gay men? We need to send you lot Gok Wan PDQ!

    Of course, you as a nation think Jello is a reasonable dessert, so we can’t really expect much. When I was went SF, the natives were wandering around in tie dyed stuff when we were doing Cool Britannia!

  13. renzmqt – you served for KJS at St Paul’s while wearing little other than a pair of pyjama bottoms?

    I do hope this trend catches on.

  14. It is actually traditional wedding attire for Indian and Pakistani weddings – though mine was made of simple unadorned white cotton.

    No “fly” on the pj bottoms, MP, but the kirta came down to my knees so it wouldn’t have mattered.

  15. Anyway, I’m casting my vote with the crew who say they quite like the tablecloth. With vestments like that no one can accuse the Anglican/Episcopal churches of being dull or boring, can they? …

  16. Our new bishop is the one on Katherine’s left. He is Scott Benhase.

    I liked her vestments too. They had such a nice flow to them when she moved. Better than the heavy material the guys were wearing.

  17. I’m trying to decide whether I have a horse in this race. On the one hand, fond though I am of +Katharine, I don’t care too much for her vestments. On the other hand, I think there’s a lot to be said for not just wearing Heavy Silk Brocade and looking Just Like The Guys. (Message to the rest of the Anglican Communion: “Our Presiding Bishop is not a guy! Get over it!”)

  18. MP, neither +KJS nor tasteful pyjama gear arouse me enough for that to occur, you may rest easy now. I thought it looked fine – some traditionalists thought I needed a proper alb though.

  19. That looks like our former bishop on Katharine’s right, as well, Two Auntees. Was that taken at Benhase’s Consecration last weekend? I was sorry not to go. I went to Henry’s, where we had the “miracle” of the loaves, though.

  20. By the way, does telling MP to shut up sound rude? … I didn’t mean it to be rude. Your remark made me laugh like a hyena and when I read it again this morning, I laughed again.