Miami? Why Miami?

For a start, most of its inhabitants have already lived long, affluent lives. I say, save Newcastle Upon Tyne first! I mean, a world without OCICBW… – would life be worth living for the survivors? I don’t think so.


ON THE BOX — 5 Comments

  1. You’re surely ‘avin a laugh?

    Even if the New Ice Age rolled straight into Newcastle, the good Geordie people would still be wandering around in vests and T-shirts for the blokes and white strappy dresses and stilettos for the young women.

    By the way, my spell-checker wants to change “stilettos” to “apostles”. It still has to be trained.

  2. The strange thing about Geordies, Your Archdruidness, is that, although you are right about their winter wardrobes, when they go inside, if the temperature is not turned up to maximum, they will complain. My church is like a sauna most of the time and they refuse to turn the heating off until it’s way into June.