Don't go getting excited. I had to activate my FaceBook account to check out someone who had asked to join Chin Wag. So while I was there I activated all the links. I've actually been a member of FaceBook since it started, for research purposes only.

I won't have time to spend any time with you much, I'm afraid.



  1. I can´t figure out my signin and password at Chinwag…I feel/am rejected…please help, I´ve just in the last few decades improved my self-esteem…mil gracias

  2. but if you do then you can see how the community has grown and developed there. It is the community building area that complements this place so well. You would be surprised how much I have learned about and gotten to know the regulars from here thanks to FB. What you have started here stretches over multiple platforms. We see each others’ pictures, we read about our OCICBW… friends’ concerns and listen to happy announcements and silly comments and even some boring stuff and such. The gathering of the OCICBW… regulars over there is the other side of this community and its great to see you there.

  3. Oh my Son – you’re on the slippery slope now, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be tending your Lil’ Green Patch and harvesting virtual ponies that give your friends special hugs if clicked upon on months with an “r” in their name.

    Still, as a Minister who also is required to be a member of all sorts of web sites “for research purposes only” I cannot but applaud your faithfulness. Can I interest you in swapping passwords to some of the more illuminating ones?

  4. I don’t know what you’re talking about MP. I think it’s time I asked my children about this Facebook thingy.

  5. Just stay off the Apps and other distractions and you’ll be fine. I suggest you check lite.facebook.com rather than the full one. Keeps much of the chaff at bay.

  6. To be honest I find Facebook boring but useful for keeping an eye on people I know and communicating in little soundbites. I don’t play any of the games or apps and I belong to very few groups.
    Most people go a bit mad when they first get on it and it wears off steadily when you realise that none of it is “REAL”.
    It won’t let me post using open id but this is viv…

  7. I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I haven’t used them since the first month. I can’t even keep up with my blog. I had great visions of posting daily brief, pithy sayings about following Jesus. Instead, it became just one more thing at which I’m rubbish and a failure – being relevant to the generations (and there are many!) younger than I am.

  8. just one more thing at which I’m rubbish and a failure

    It doesn’t matter, Lois. You’ve got the best taste in music that I’ve ever known in a broad. That’s more than enough. You can die happy.

  9. Did someone say FB isn’t real?!?!?

    You know, MP, Dennis is absolutely right. FB is another dimension of OCICBW. It would be good to see you over there once in awhile.

  10. I like to keep up with friends on FB. What I can’t get into are all of the “Virtual Worlds” such as the Mafia World, Zoo World, Sorority World, Farm World (or whatever the actual names of these might be). I have enough trouble living in the real world. I have lived in two states with active Mafia families and there was nothing humorous about them. Why anyone would want to grow virtual plants is just beyond me, and some days my whole life can be a zoo.

  11. MP, you made my day. I do loves my music – and being called a broad! Bless you. (Of course one of the Davids followed me from here to Facebook, so now I’ve posted something. People better watch it – I’ll start quoting the early church divines, like Chrysostom, over there!)

  12. Facebook kept sending me emails telling me you’d accepted about 10 friend suggestions I made months ago, but you didn’t accept my friend request. I spent all night crying.